Little Fetishes

fet•ish (fĕt'ĭsh, fē'tĭsh) ►n. 1. An object believed to have spiritual powers. 2. An object of excessive attention or reverence. 3. An obsessive attachment; fixation. [from Lat. factīcius, artificial.]

Cats and Magick Rocks

I collected little cat figures when I was a child. There are still a lot of them living next door at my parents' house. One of these days they are going to move over here. (Yes, that is a squirrel in there, he’s a stray.)

Here's the striped kitty amongst some of her new friends.

I think the rabbit is made of chalcedony. The cat on the far right is moss agate--supposedly a special stone for Gemini.

This is a little piece of polished snowflake obsidian that I just got.

Dia de los Muertos

Mr. and Mrs. O’Kitten...

...and an angel.


Awhile back there was some conversation over at Stumbling Over Chaos about collecting one’s cat’s whiskers. Well, I do save my cats’ whiskers--when I’m lucky enough to find them. (No, I don’t pull them off of the cats, I promise.)

My little collection lives in this dish. It includes whiskers from Copernicus and Grey Cat, now both gallavanting in the big catnip patch in the great beyond, as well as many from the girls.

No consensus was ever reached as to whether finding a cat’s whisker is good luck or not, but it can’t hurt, can it?

And Puzzles

I really enjoy crossword puzzles. My mother-in-law clips them out of her newspaper and sends them to me. Then, in typical obsessive-compulsive pack-rat fashion, I found myself unable to throw them out after I completed them. Hence, my latest project.

I proudly presented her with The Spare Across-and-Down Roll.

Isis: Oh goody, toilet paper, my favorite!

It contained 240+ completed puzzles. (At some point while taping them together I lost count.) Does anyone think my meds need to be adjusted? Hmmm...


Gothknits said...

no but please share what you are smoking! I too collect my cats whiskers for the off chance that someday I will do a cat costume and I can have real whiskers.

Love all the other do-dads. I'm glad I'm not the only one who collects odd things.

Chris said...

Whoa about the completed puzzles!!

Of course, I see nothing wrong with saving whiskers and having a special container for them. :)

Love the little cat figures...

Mouse said...

I love the kitty whisker bowl.. I have some shed claws from my beloved black kitten that died that I keep inside a locket. I'm sure that's completely looney sounding to anyone who doesn't own cats.. but its all I've got of the little bugger.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Saving cat whiskers? Making completed crosswords into toilet rolls? I don't think I'll have any of what you're having, thanks.

If I see any of Oscars whiskers, they go up the vacuum cleaner hose. As for crosswords, I buy them by the book and I wouldn't like to use those pages for toilet rolls...too stiff and shiny, I don't think they'd flush very well and I would probably get a nasty note from the guy who pumps out our septic tank.

DAWN said...

I don't have cats but I do have dogs and I have some of my dogs teeth that they lost while teething. I also have a dried up baby box turtle and a baby sea turtle as well as cicada skeletons and bumble bees. My son collects elephant fetishes. See, we all have our "things".

Anonymous said...

Love the Day of the Dead items!

Anonymous said...

Loved the toilet paper puzzles and Uncle Pin says he remembers when he would use that as toilet paper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
love ya Mom


You're more fun this way. :D

The toilet-paper with your finished puzzles is hilarious. My daughter says she loves your cat and has renamed her Kooky. Don't worry, it won't last. lol

Anonymous said...

I love the cat mug on the top shelf!

Joanie said...

We had a good laugh at dinner because of your puzzle toilet paper roll.
Wishing you a great day.