and more bunnies

Once again, a bunny has brought us a whole batch of eggs, though I rather suspect she found them in the henhouse.

And look! Gort has a new friend.

The inimitable KnitOwl has done it again. She sent an absolutely adorable bunny to cheer me up and bring me some hugs. I caught Gort giving her a tour of her new digs.

View from the living room window. It seems my spring optimism may have been a bit premature. It's been below freezing and snowing since Thursday. (Good thing I covered the strawberries back up.) Guess we're in for a white Easter.

Happy happy hippity hoppity Easter to all!


Puss-in-Boots said...

Brrrr! Snow. We're very thankful to be having a few showers here and there. It's very little in relation to the drought though, but the plants like it.

Enjoy your white Easter.

Severina said...

You better watch Gort, I think he's feeling up that new bunny!

Yup, we had snow here yesterday too. After a week of 75-80 degree temps it's now about 35 this morning. I had to haul out the blankets from storage last night and the space heater's coming back out of its box in a few minutes. Dammit.

Obsidian Kitten said...

i'm keeping a close eye on Gort and the new bunny. i can only imagine what sort of offspring they might produce.

KnitXcorE said...

yuck snow! it's kinda cold here, not snowing tho. the felt bunny is soooo cute :-)

Chris said...

Oh my, if Gort and the new bunny get friendly... what will the babies look like?!?!?