Where in the World is Obsidian Kitten?

Sorry I've been offline for so long, but we've been busy moving...

Moving!? "Where on earth would Obsidian Kitten be moving to?" you may well be asking yourself. Well, here's a clue:

No new pictures yet, because my computer still isn't hooked up...but you can imagine...

Yep, we've returned to NYC.

You know the girls had to fly on an aeroplane? That made it An Official Adventure. Thank goodness the vet gave us the kitty valium (for the cats, not for us), because we had to take them all out of their carriers in the airport so the crates could be searched for drugs or guns or explosives or other cat-related contraband.

I miss the farm (and the llamas especially) but the city feels far more like home to me. I just was not cut out to mow grass and have to drive to the bookstore, I guess.

The new apartment is really nice--more space than I had in Hoboken (but for a far more reasonable rent) and now has a fresh coat of paint: sky blue in the bedroom, computer room, and craft room; forest green in the living room; a retro minty green in the kitchen; and lemon-ice yellow in the bathroom, which is small but still has its old claw-footed tub.

It has a lot of the features I really liked about my Hoboken aptartment: tall 32 x 72 in. (nearly 1 x 2 m) windows in every room, 9-ft (almost 3 m) ceilings, and the spacious kitchen has old ceramic tile on the wall, a deep enamel sink, old metal kitchen cabinets, and a tin ceiling.

We're in Glendale, Queens (home of Houdini's grave, in case you ever wondered), very close to Brooklyn, and just steps from bus, the deli, the grocery store, the bank, the 99-cent store (woo-hoo!), the pharmacy, and just about anything else you can imagine.

More coming soon--with pictures, as soon as the Mac is settled into its new home.


We're All Strange Here

Thank you for all the birthday well-wishes!

Now it is time to disconnect my computer for a few days. When I return, I will have many new adventures to share with you. Promise! A new chapter is about to begin.

In the meantime, take lots of naps with all your furry friends. Big hugs to all!


440 Yards, 29 Pounds, and 40 Years

Weights and Measures: Length

The weather's been getting nicer, but I've still been depressed. The nights are cool and it's been extremely dry. You'd think the warmer weather would improve my mood--but then again no one expects good weather to cure heart disease or throw cancer into remission. I don't know why depression should be any different. If anything, the weather simply taunts me: It's nice out and you still feel crummy! Hehhehheh!

I did manage to get to the Spinning Loft last week--a much-needed venture out of the house. And I've gotten a little yarn finished.

I've been working on this silk/merino blend for what seems like forever. I've been trying to produce a smaller yarn--this is 10-11 wpi, somewhat finer than my usual 7-8 wpi. Now that I have 440 yards (400 m), I really want to turn it into some socks.

Here's some very badly spun (but very soft) karaoke (50/50 soy silk/wool) in Mermaid. I love the colors, although they're actually much prettier than in the pic.

Combined Weight: 29 Pounds

Morgan: 7 lbs (3 kg), Emma: 9 lbs (4 kg), Isis: 13 lbs (6 kg). Yes, Isis is a big girl! The vet says she's only about one pound overweight--or the equivalent of me being ten pounds too heavy. So that's not too bad, is it?

The Passage of Time: Four Decades

In other news, I will turn 40 on Wednesday. It seems weird, since most of the time I feel stuck somewhere in childhood. So I'm telling everyone I'm turning 10 (granted, 10 for the fourth time, but that's fine with me). My 10th birthday was a good one because I was a decade old, which I thought was very exciting--double-digits and all (little did I know how quickly one gets tired of that) and I got a blue 10-speed bicycle.

Today Mr. O'Kitten took me out to eat to celebrate and we went to see Indiana Jones. Quite a lovely date we had.

So happy 10th birthday again for me. Huzzah!