In Which O’Kitten Gets Some New Things

Obsidian and a Kitten

My parents recently visited the southwest, and they sent me some actual obsidian! This is an arrowhead made of obsidian from Santa Fe. Can you tell how translucent it is?

If you’ve ever wondered what obsidian actually is, I posted about it here.

This is a nugget of obsidian from Taos. You can still see the translucence. Isn’t it gorgeous? (Okay, maybe you can't tell how pretty it is in the picture, but you try taking a picture of a thimble-sized translucent stone...)

They did look for an actual obsidian kitten (to no avail), but I’m thinking that you probably can’t carve kittens, cats, or much of anything more detailed than arrowheads out of nuggets of volcanic glass. But they did find this:

Isn’t she amazing? Also from Taos, this lovely little cat was carved by a Zuni artist from rainbow calcite or gel silica. (If anyone knows their geology, please tell me which it might be!)

I love her little silver eyes and necklace. At first I thought she was made from different layered stones, but it’s actually just one stone. I swear, rocks are so incredible.

Candy Corn, Aliens, Llama, Llama, Duck

I treated my self to a special order from Mousie Masala. (Note: The cat hair is my own addition.) A lot of you probably know her as Knotty Mouse.

I got candy corn and alien head stitch markers--she has lots of really cool ones, beaded and jewelley ones, too.

And how could I resist the Llama-Llama-Duck bag? Mr. O’Kitten thinks it’s hysterical, too. My sister-in-law, who teaches elementary school, knows all the words to the song.

Oh, you’re one of the few people on the interweb who’s actually never heard the Llama-Llama-Duck song? You’ve been deprived of a few moments of true joy.

here's a llama
there's a llama
and another little llama
fuzzy llama
funny llama
llama llama

Oh, but wait, there’s more. And there’s the pictures that go with the song...you really should just go see for yourself. (But be forewarned, it will probably be stuck in your head for days, and if you have kids, they'll be singing it over, and over, and over...)


RheLynn said...

That is a strange bunch of pictures and lyrics for a song! And no, I hadn't seen it before ;o) Cute order from Masala and your parents brought awesome geological gifts -- the cat is VERY COOL! Thanks for sharing it all with us too :o)

Chris said...

That cat is gorgeous, as is the arrowhead. I have a quartz spearhead that I found when I was a kid... Have you ever read Annals of the Former World by John McPhee? (Actually, I listened to the indvidual books on tape.) If you like geology, it's an especially cool book.

Super cool Mousie Masala goodies!

sunneshine said...

Glad to know that I am not the only one who had not heard the song! Love the cat!! When I was little we used to search for arrowheads in my grandmothers back yard - and we did actually find some... Not obsidian though - very cool!!

Anonymous said...

Oh no! I didn't even go to the website and I'm singing Llama, llama, duck in my head. Owwwie!

The stone kitty is gorgeous. Your parents have good taste.

Mouse said...

Oh Gee.. you should have told me and I'd have 'given' you some cat hair! hee hee! I'm glad you liked your order.. thanks for the link!
Your gemstone cat is really cool.. I love it!

Joanie said...

Well that was the first time I ever heard Llama Llama..Yes, it made me laugh.
I will see your sister in law this coming week, perhaps she will sing it at the dinner table..LOL

Obsidian Kitten said...

oh, i'm so glad i could inflict Llama Llama Duck on everyone. it is not to be missed.

i used to look for arrowheads when i was a kid, but never found any. i love rocks, though.

when we moved here i was completely fascinated to learn that they found mastodon bones just a mile from our house when the people living there went to dig themselves a pond. yeah--actual mastodon bones! imagine finding those while looking for arrowheads...THAT would've really made me one excited child.

i keep telling mr. o'kitten that any day now the woolly mammoths may just come lumbering by (although to date only a wild boar has been spotted...not sure i want to bump into him in the dark, though)

Obsidian Kitten said...

oh, i should probably add that aforementioned wild boar was shot and killed, so i don't have to worry about stumbling into that particular beast on my way to the barn. but that doesn't mean he won't have boarish friends lying in wait somewheres in the shadowy recesses of the night, right?



Jammies said...

You're more likely to run into his revenge-minded mate. Better get that spearhead mounted on a spear.

Oh, and I am a longtime fan of the Llama song.

*leaves, singing*

roxtarchic said...

ok.. i will now be singing that song on my commute as i knit... i'm sure my fellow commuters are going to be hunting you down... be sure to line up all those arrow heads... angry commuters are vicious ;) hehehe LOVE IT & now i'm going to havta make the band learn that lil rockin tune! hahahah
llama llama DUCK hahah