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Mr. O'Kitten is a big fan of J. Peterman--both the J. Peterman-in-real-life catalogue and J. Peterman-as-Elaine's-boss on Seinfeld. I post this for him because it is highly amusing:

"...There's a formula to the Peterman descriptions, and it goes like this: Drop the name of a Noted Person (Hitchcock, Hepburn, Churchill). Drop the name of a romanticized obscure-ish place. (Cannes, Kyoto, Seychelles). Mention an occupation in the arts or sciences (filmmaking; entomology). Be specific when it comes to colors (pink is dusty rose; green is celery; off-white is cream). And lastly: The last digit of prices can NEVER be a five or a zero."

View the gallery for scores assigned to ten amazing Peterman selections with their illustrations and absolutely astonishing descriptions. If you thought J. Peterman only existed on Seinfeld, you're in for a treat. If you've never actually looked at the J. Peterman catalogue...well, hold onto your Urban Sombrero.



This makes me think of the extraordinary potential one of my dear Severina's dirigibles, cat-shaped or otherwise.

If you make one quick-like (by next Tuesday) you can winwinwin...

On ice.


Oh Joy


Set Your Watch and Head for the Moon Base

Salvatore Dali, The Persistence of Memory, 1931

"The powerful earthquake that shook Chile on Saturday probably shifted the Earth's axis and made days slightly shorter, a NASA scientist said.

"Richard Gross, a research scientist at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California, calculated that the planet's axis would have shifted by eight centimeters during the 8.8 magnitude quake, NASA said.

"'If the planet's axis did shift by eight centimeters during the Chilean quake, days would have shortened by 1.26 microseconds, Gross calculated.'"

From Chile quake shifted axis of the Earth.

Perhaps you've heard that they've discovered water on the surface of the moon. Maybe, like me, you found this fascinating, but wondered how much water: A couple molecules? A few drops? How about: enough for a moon base? That remains to be seen, but it's definitely more than a few drops.