Project Spectrum and Two Handmade Things

PS: Pink, Green, Yellow

Farmhouse wallpaper.

A present.

Handmade (Four Generations)

A painting on silk I made for my mom when I was in college.

My great-grandmother crocheted this afghan for my mom when she was in high school. She made one for my mother, and one for my mother’s cousin. The colors are still so vibrant, it looks like it was crocheted yesterday.

Born in the 1890s, my great-grandmother was a real farmess and a very gifted handicrafter.


Elizabeth said...

Who knew your great-grandmother's afghan was going to be so au courant with 2007 needlecrafters.
I love the idea of denim wool but have never tried it. Are you really going to use it as a tea towel?
(Let's see if blogger likes me today because it ate my comment on the hat post the other day. Hmmph)

RheLynn said...

very nice handmade legacies :o) You have artistic talent! (ans so did your grandmother)