Project Spectrum: In Bloom

April 4th's installment of Project Spectrum filled me with high hopes that spring had indeed arrived; then, to my astonishment, that same week brought snow and more freezing temperatures. (It's Michigan, I really should have known better.) But now spring PS 2.0 resumes with lots of greens, pinks, and yellows now that spring seems to be here to stay.

Lacy Goodness

In the little garden behind our house.

Daffodil Revival

Despite being hard hit by the snow, I’m happy to say the sunny daffodils have made a complete recovery. These starry-eyed fellows are in our yard.

Some of my mom’s daffodils.

And More Spring Blossoms

It’s proving to be a big year for the hardy Dandy Lion.

My parents’ lilac bush.

Flowering crabapple.

Not pink, but these grape hyacinths are so cute I didn’t want them to feel left out. Happy spring (or fall, if you’re on that half of the globe) to all!


jessie said...

Great colors! Our lilacs haven't even leafed out fully yet. It's a very late spring this year in Vermont.

KnitXcorE said...

beautiful! i'm sooooo envious when i look out to my deck "garden".

Anonymous said...

I love the Parrot Tulips. They are gorgeous. Oh and lilacs, I miss lilacs. They won't grow here.

I'll live vicariously through your garden.

RheLynn said...

Oh I miss lilacs so much! We had purple ones in our backyard in Minnesota and white ones down at the end of the street.

Those daffodils of your mom's are different and pretty!

Puss-in-Boots said...

What magnificent tulips! I so envy you... it's too hot to grow them in Queensland, daffodils will grow as long as they aren't in full sun all day.

Beautiful spring photos and flowers.

Joanie said...

Happy Spring to you...
We also are seeing all our flowers waking up to this beautiful season.
Today we will continue to work in the gardern. It puts me in such a great mood.
Beautiful flowers.
Enjoy the day

Chris said...

Pretty! Hee hee - I didn't think we had that many flowers going here until I saw my brother's yard yesterday. Hello, Dandy Lions!