Knifty Tees

I have no pics to upload, so I'm going to tell you about three knitting t-shirts I found that I like instead.

First is from the fabulous Franklin of The Panopticon. [He and Dolores now have a shop--stop me now.] The shirt I'm dying to have says, in appropriate cell-block font, "I Learned to Knit in Prison." The quote comes from a true story based on a very strange bus incident that I will not attempt to relate here.

Next are the tattoo stylings of "Born to Knit." You've may have seen it elsewhere. It's very cool. A bit pricey for my blood, but I love it, and I want it, badly.

Finally, this. She's Georgia (don't ask me why, she just is), she's on a shirt, and at $15 I might just have to get me one.

In other news, I actually left the house to knit today. It was my first ever foray into the world of group knitting, and it was the monthly Knit-In at McRay Weaving (a.k.a. Woven Art). The inimitable Ragnar was there working on a fantastic viking baby hat (for a baby viking) along with a nice group of fellow knitters, and a spinner besides.

Next Sunday they're having their first Spin-In, and I may just have to head back out with my wheel for a bit of additional human contact. No one says I have to be an absolute hermit, I just tend to like it that way.

But that depends on whether I have the energy after Saturday's Monthly Breed Study starts at The Spinning Loft. The May-July sessions cover Fine Wool breeds (like Merino, Cormo, Polworth and Corriedale). September-November will be Longwools and Crossbred Wools, and then January-March is Down Type, Double Coated and others. Beth is teaching three sessions on each kind of wool, covering everything from washing raw fleece to spinning. I'm really excited.

In the meantime, I dropped in on her again yesterday. She informed me that my little Ashford Joy really should have a name. I will be heading back to The Spinning Loft on Wednesday so that Beth can hold my hand while I wash Tyr and Thorn's fleeces. Can I have the Joy happily christened by then?


Puss-in-Boots said...

I used to do a lot of spinning when we were on the farm. It was so therapeutic and my hands were lovely and smooth because of the lanolin from the raw wool. My friend and I used to make our own dyes too, from lichen, onion peel, beetroot and all sorts of weird and wonderful things. I loved that part of my life. Happy spinning and knitting!

Beth said...

Well, I think you should name her Jezebel - Jezebel Joy - I like the sound of it.

Chris said...

Oh, it's too bad those t-shirts are so $$$... Wow, you have been so busy!

Barbara-Kay said...

I'm not a spinner, but I would still enjoy a brief (trying not to ask too much) summary of the Breed Studies. All I know from is Merino. While I have heard of some of the other breeds, I know nothing of the characteristics of their resulting wool.

Obsidian Kitten said...

oh, puss-in-boots, how wonderful! i've never tried any dying, but i was purusing a book on natural dyes at the Spinning Loft, thinking that plant dyes would be fun (if perhaps a bit challenging) to make. it sounds like there are many lovely colors you can achieve that way.

i find spinning very relaxing, too. i bet you made many beautiful yarns!

i'll definitely keep you guys updated on the breeds study, i'm so excited about it.

hm, jezebel...jezzie for short?

Anonymous said...

Have a good time out knitting/spinning!

Elizabeth said...

I like the Knitrix T, unfortunately I look hideous in T shirts.
The lead character on the Gilmore Girls wore a Born To Knit T on the show with a different graphic.
As for the Ashford Joy, a spin on the machine in Wallace and Gromit? the Fleece-O-Matic?

Jeanne said...

Those are all good t-shirts. I wish I had more use for shirts like that, so I could buy guilt-free.

pins&needles said...

That sheep picture is so cool! I want one. Plus, that story about the bus incident was kinda funny.

Severina said...

Dang, I need to spin up some stuff, like the llama you sent. I'm sooo behind!

On the wierdo front, I dreamed you and Mr O'Kitten came down for a visit and I still lived with my parents and they made us all work in the fields. Yup. Come and visit and ya have to plow the North 40.


I tagged you! You're it! Go check my bloggy. lol