Fleece Week, continued

More skirting today...

...of Graty’s fleece.

All of it isn't even on the table. Even though it looks like a lot, the total weight only is about 1 3/4 lbs. (Llama fiber is hollow, which makes it particularly light but very warm.) One nice thing about llama, though--it has little to no lanolin so it should hardly lose any weight during processing.

You can see the crimp his fiber has. And I love the colors--the creamy appaloosa with caramel and grey swirls. We’re going to blend it with a Merino Rambouillet fleece from my aunt and uncle’s sheep.

Also made a visit today to my favorite place, The Spinning Loft. Beth had two lovely Shetland fleeces, a black/espresso-coloured one to match Llannie and a golden one we’ll blend with Switzer and Lacey’s fiber.

So tomorrow we venture out to Zeilinger Wool in Frankenmuth to drop off nearly 15 lbs (6 2/3 kg) of fiber to be made into roving.

Sheep, Shorn

You may recall that our Tyr and Thorn looked like this.

But today was sheep-shearing day. A very nice Australian fellow named Paul came out to toss the little Icelandic sheep upside-down and run buzzing electric shears over them. He clipped everything—cheeks, legs, bellies, even around their tails.

I had no idea they were so small under all that wool. Now they look like this:


His coloring is called moorit grey.

Thorn. See, he really is white.

Fortunately, Tyr still liked me at the end of the day, but perhaps that's only because I gave him beets.


Anne said...

OK, so now we've got the chickens, but you're really really making me want to "grow" a couple of fleeces at the bottom of the garden too - do you think the neighbours would notice?

Mouse said...

More haircuts for the farm fellas! I love these photos!

Barbara-Kay said...

Ah, we have fond memories of Frankenmuth from day trips during DH's graduate school tenure at MSU.

It's very interesting to follow the process through from sheering to roving.


SQUEEE!! I want to touch it!

Chris said...

So tiny! It's like getting a collie wet.

Ragnar said...

My only experience with skirting was some "free wool" that a spinning guru friend got from a farmer, the wool was nice and worthy the effort, but it was hard to see that while we had it all (100+ pounds of it) spread out in a parking lot. One tuft for me, three for the dumpster. It was really (REEALLLY) gross. Made me appreciate the nice clean roving that comes in bags.

Anonymous said...

They probably feel SO much better now. I always feel better after I get a haircut.

I may not like the process, but I sure do like the result. I'm sure they feel the same.

Barb said...

that fleece looks really soft :) Thank-you for the card and postcard Megan has the postcard and won't give it back LOL she loves the cows :)

Barb said...

I forgot too add, TAG check out my blog for the info :)

KnitXcorE said...

hmmmmmmmmmm..... i want to roll around on the table :-) the sheepies are so cute!