The Tale of the Three Goldilocks

One of the Goldilocks, at left.

We have three hens named Goldilocks. (Not to be undiscerning, but they're all Golden Laced Wyandottes, and they all look pretty much alike).

Last year one of them insisted on sneaking off to the barn each day instead of hanging out with her hen buddies, and after a few days we discovered her in an upended cardboard box in the barn. There wasn't a thing in the box--not a scrap of grass or straw or a single twig--but there she was, with three nice light brown eggs. So my cousin's daughters decided this must be Rebel Goldilocks, since she was determined to stake out her own territory and put her eggs in a safe place, far away from any other meddling birds. (Rachel and Brittany also named Sunny-Side Up and Buffy).

So when one of the Goldilocks went missing about a week or so ago, I figured it must've been Rebel Goldilocks sneaking off once again to hide her eggs. But she wasn't in the cardboard box she liked so much last year. Fortunately the weeds aren't very high yet, so that eliminated a lot of potential nesting spots. Instead I swept through the all my mom's sprouting tiger lilies, checked under the brush piles, in the shrubbery around the hen house, and anywhere else I could imagine a hen might hide.

Yet Rebel Goldilocks was nowhere to be found and I began to fear that perhaps some carnivorous evil-doer snuck up and ate her in the middle of the night, or dropped out of the sky and gobbled her up one sunny day.

Then one afternoon when I went out to the egg cooler she came running around our house towards me. I was fairly certain it was Rebel Goldilocks because she has more tail-feathers than the other two Goldilocks. But by the time I finished whatever it was that I was doing she had disappeared again, and when I locked the other birds up for the night there was again no sign of our rebellious hen.

The egg cooler.

So we set out once again, flashlight in hand, to look for her. I suspected now that perhaps she had set up a nest around our house, and aside from looking under the deck, I hadn't really searched for her there. And about eight feet away from where I set up my egg cooler, in the basement window well, there indeed was Rebel Goldilocks--sitting on ten perfect, light brown eggs. The Prodigal Daughter was home (and right under our kitchen window no less!) all along.

Where's Goldie?

Perfectly camouflaged...


The renegade has ten eggs under there. Pretty exciting!


Joanie said...

This mom is one smart chick!!!
Isn't mother nature great.
Have a great weekend.

Mouse said...

hee hee.. sneaky chicken.

Dawn said...

If I were a chicken, I would have picked the same spot. She is nice and cozy; all she needs is a roof.

Carrie K said...

That is one determined chick.

Dee said...

Pretty smart for a chicken! She's a beauty too!

jessie said...

Very clever of her. She of course hasn't thought out how the babies are going to get out of there, but you can help her out when the time comes, right? Actually, maybe they're better off right in there until they're big enough to hop/fly out.

Glad to hear she's not fox food.

Puss-in-Boots said...

That's one cluey Chooky babe!

Gattina said...

I know many people who are searching for eggs especially during easter, but I never met somebody looking for hens ! Oh my you made me laugh with your rebellish hen ! But 10 eggs is not bad isn't it ?

I have a post only for Lisa twin of Emma since yesterday and today another bad adventure about Arthur ! I tell you boys !!!


Okay, that is just too cute! And funny.

jenifleur said...

All my guinea fowl are named Dave. And it must the the time of year or something, but none of them will come in at night right now. They have a gorgeous, sturdy, roomy coop with big branches, food, water, windows and yet they'd rather sleep in a walnut tree and be raccoon bait. I can't find the nests, either. I have a feeling they won't be as convenient as Goldilocks made hers, though.

Mom Unplugged said...

That was a great story! All animals have individual personalities, even chickens.

I have always been fascinated by chickens and I think I might have some if it were allowed where I live. Unfortunately it is not, so I shall have to live vicariously through yours!

Thanks for your comments on my blog, I posted a response to one. Stop by again sometime!

Chris said...

I guess it does look a LITTLE more cozy than a cardboard box!

Obsidian Kitten said...

oh, *definitely* more cozy than a cardboard box! it warms up in the morning sun, and is on the driest, best-protected side of the house as well. pretty smart chook is right.

last night we found 2 wide boards and covered the window well, leaving a little air space and weighting them down with cinder blocks -- on the off chance some hungry prowler should happen by. mr. o'kitten took the boards off at his usual crack-of-dawn waking hour and when i went outside later goldie was out and about, eventually heading back to the hen house for a snack.

by late afternoon she was cozily settled on the eggs again. what a good girl! =)

Christine said...

I so enjoy your stories. And look forward to your posts and pictures. Thank you! bok bok.