Llamas and Magic Slippers

On a Warm March Day

We had a couple of those rare warm days this week and I got a chance to get out with the camera. Nearly all the snow thawed and although it's chilly again, it feels like spring is finally right around the corner.

Even the compost pile thawed out. I can't imagine there was anything edible in it, but the hens were very excited about whatever was under there.

The llamas and the sheep managed to find things to nibble on in the pasture, even though it all looked brown to me.

This didn't mean they didn't run for the barn when I showed up--llama crumbles and fresh hay are certainly more delectable then mushy, recently frozen grass.

Graty on the left, Llannie (always virtually impossible to photograph) on the right. He has a really funny tuft of bangs.

Noses and Lashes

I love Pepper's velvety muzzle. You can see its little grey spots, and the freckle under her eye.

Pepper's eyelashes. Would you believe she's almost six months old already?

Whose nose is that in Pepper's dish? Mamma Lacey, trying to butt in!

Fluffy Graty. He may be big, but I still think he's cute.

You can really see the difference between a grown llama's face and a cria's in these two profiles. (Of course, Graty is a moose!)

Pepper, at 23 weeks.

Magic Slippers

Slippers I needle-felted, a gift for a dear friend I'm visiting back east this weekend. They came out too big, so I was really brave and just threw them in the washer and the dryer. I think they'll be just about right now.

If you haven't seen the rest of my slippers and other needle-felting, there's a little gallery here.

Happy St. Paddy's Day

A wee St. Patrick's day warshrag. (I know, I know, I can't stop with these darn things.) I like that this one is reversible. Here's the free pattern; I didn't do the lace border bit. I used Peaches'n'Creme in a color I adore called Sage.

I'll be back east for the weekend visiting Linda, but I'll be back on Monday! Fleecey hugs to you all!


Obsidian Kitten said...

i forgot to mention that the slippers have both Graty and Llannie fleece in them. they're completely lined with Llannie's fleece--the color totally gives them away! lol

i like using llama for slippers, though--it's really light and very breathable. plus, it's not at all itchy if someone is sensitive to wool. i was delighted that these washed so well, too.

the tops are mixed wool roving. i wish the colors would've photographed better, they're actually brighter and prettier than in the picture but the flash washed them out a bit.

i hope she likes them (and that they fit this time--if not, they might just have to go back in the washer again...)

sunneshine said...

Safe and happy travels to you!!

So fun to see the animals enjoying the spring! I just found out that brown and black llamas are becoming endangered because the call for white llama fleece is so great in South America, they are not breeding the darker colored animals...

Love the slippers - they look amazing - and so much work for needle felting!

Chris said...

I *heart* Pepper!

Great slippers and warshrag. :) Have a fun weekend visiting!

Joanie said...

Love the pictures and the slippers look great. What a nice gift to give your friend. I am sure she will enjoy wearing them.
Have a great weekend with your friend. Sure hope you brought your winter coat as we have snow once again. March is such a crazy month.


Brenda said...

Pepper is so cute! A farm near us has llamas with their sheep to protect the sheep from coyotes. The sheep all crowd around the llama, who is definitely boss.

Have a great and safe trip! The slippers felted well.

Rachel said...

I just love those chicken pictures. Maybe one day I can finally convince my husband we need chickens...oh and some land. lol

Oh yeah, and your knitting looks great btw! I love Peaches and Creme.

KnitXcorE said...

hehhee. i'm so fascinated by your menagerie! when you said you were coming back east, i kinda hoped the slippers were for me.... J/K :-) i do love them , though.

Gattina said...

"My" little Pepper becomes a young girl ! And these eyelashes ! I only can dream of them ! They all have so angelic faces I hardly can imagine, that they would spit ! lol !

Carrie K said...

That is so cool, that the slippers have Graty and Llannie fleece in them! They're cute. (The llamas and the slippers).

Pepper is my baby though! Pepper! So. Cute.

Bleargh. Chickens.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Oooh lovely llama fleece lined slippers, how cuddly and warm.

Green wash rags for St Paddy's? I love it and why not, everything else is green, even potato...yuk!

Have a great week O'K!

RheLynn said...

Wonderful slippers and pretty colour on the washrag! I'm amazed too that the needlefelting did so well in the washer.

Pepper is SO BIG - in that comparison between her and her mom.. Wow - only six months old, even if her nose is yet to grow some ;o)

Have a great trip!

Gattina said...

Are you catnappin' again ? ah this spring lazyness ! It's tuesday !!