An Exercise in Insanity

Shrug It off

So here’s a swatch for the shrug I’ve been knitting. I’m using this lovely, seemingly microscopic black silk/mohair called Tsuki Tokyo.

As you can see, I had far more success with it in stockinette stitch than while trying to manipulate it into lace with my very rudimentary lace skills. (Fortunately, upon showing Mr. O'Kitten said swatch, he pointed this out to me--and long before I bothered slaving away over an entire garment made out of shabby lace. All in all I think the stockinette looks really nice. Not that I was terribly delighted to hear this after hours of swatching, but better then than after knitting up half a shrug.)

Despite all the tugging, yanking, and general abuse I wreaked on this poor yarn, it hasn’t yet broken. Not even once! So it’s amazingly strong (thank goodness). You can see how unbelieveably fine it is—the colored strand in the photo above is a bit of embroidery floss I used to mark a row.

I decided to use this shrug pattern, but I’m only putting a few lace rounds at the bottom of the sleeves, and the rest is in stockinette. Since I took the photo, I’ve reached the halfway point. So far so good, except that the lace is sort of sloppy, but oh well. The Tsuki is feathery light and so soft—it came in a surprise package last fall from my friend Purly Brites. It also feels like it’ll be surprisingly warm.

Velvet Smoothy

Yes, one more coat from the collection. I couldn’t resist showing off yet another of my vintage jackets. This one has the loveliest satiny cuffs, collar, and covered buttons to match. The bustier was a gift from Mr. O’Kitten (yes, we love him!).


Gothknits said...

Blocking works absolute wonders on lace. Its usually an ugly blob until it is blocked.

Obsidian Kitten said...

thanks! that's reassuring! i did block the swatch, but i was struggling so hard to get used to the yarn (i've never worked with anything so teeny before) and then to get the hang of the lace pattern that even after washing and blocking it still looks pretty jumbled. but i think what i did on the actual shrug sleeve isn't so bad.

when you block a garment like a sweater or shrug, do you just lay it flat (like you would a scarf or a shawl) even though it's two layers, or do you put a towel or something between the layers?

msfortuknit said...

Your such a total babe! I want that jacket and that bustier but im certain only one of my chichi's will fit into it!
I miss you and I hold my ground on that incredible shrug!

sunneshine said...

love, love, love the jacket you saucy thing!!

On blocking lace - you can't just lay it flat. You need to pin it to the bed, carpet, something for at least 24 hours. You have to stretch the pattern in the lace out so that it evens out all the bumps and dents and looks lovely.... Here are two places to go for blocking

(I especially like the string blocking, so much easier!!)

Mouse said...

I'm coming to steal that jacket.. you've been warned.
the shrug is fab.. can't wait to see the rest of it.

Amy said...

That's an amazing jacket - and it looks like the shrug will be amazing, too! Delicate and simple and sexy. Screw the lace, because the stockinette does look great!

KnitXcorE said...

that shrug is going to be amazing!

Carrie K said...

Oh, that jacket is so gorgeous! I love it.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Oh Mrs O'Kitten, you have a totally amazing husband to buy you something like that bustier. And the jacket is beautiful, they go so well together.

I used to knit lace and yes, you do need to pin it to something relatively firm for some time to "iron out" all the lumps and bumps. But I think you did a pretty good job anyway, especially with something so fine.

Good luck with the rest of the shrug and a picture would be nice...?

Enjoy your weekend.

Anonymous said...

Glad you are enjoying the recipes. There should be some new ones to come in the next few weeks.

Stay tuned.

Isis looks good in her bib.

msfortuknit said...

Its your friend the sell you you can post if you want to now just tell me what your gmail info is!

im sick

Carrie K said...

Oh, and I meant to say, lace looks like hell until you block it. I believe the term in knitblog land is "boiled @$$" (in case my mother is reading this) .

Elizabeth said...

Love that velvet jacket! Tell me you have thigh high boots to complete the ensemble. And your interpretation of the shrug. The lace at the bottom edge is just right.