Guess How Much I Love Rabbits?

Easter is coming, and I really have this thing for rabbits.

These are some kind of crazy breed of rabbits called Lionhead Rabbits.

As for rabbits, do I have time to make this bunny beanie and get it off to NY before Easter? (Boy, do I love knitting pattern central, but every time I start wandering around there, I find free patterns for about 89 things I want to make...)

Because I think I must make one for my niece. (Every baby needs silly hats. I mean, why else have babies and cats, other than to put silly hats on them?)

This egg cozy is awfully cute, too. (I'm not really sure why anyone would want an egg cozy...but...it's adorable.)

KnitOwl also has directions on how to knit a rabbit. Her rabbits are awesome, and she has lots of rabbit-y things going on over at her blog.

This is one of my friend Sean's Mini Rex Rabbits. Isn't she beautiful? Sean gave me some gorgeous angora rabbit fiber last year that I'm spinning up with some Graty fleece. It makes the llama so lofty and shiny. It's just taking me some practice to get the hang of it with my beginning spinning skills.

You can see the beautiful angora in the back center, and then blended with Graty in the foreground. (Don't worry, no bunnies or llamas were harmed in the collection of their fibery goodness! *grin*)

Reading Rabbits

Spring time

As for favorite rabbit stories, I have three. One you can read right now, here: The Velveteen Rabbit. (Grab some kleenex, it's a tear-jerker--in the best way). This is a neat version, it has the original illustrations.

Anxious Times

At Last! At Last!

Next is Guess How Much I Love You. Also a wonderful story--readable at that link (very short; if you've never read it, it's lovely).

Finally, Watership Down. I've never seen the animated version, but I absolutely love Richard Adams' book (I also really enjoyed his The Plague Dogs).

Hop hop hop!


Emmie said...

Your love for rabbits are just evident from your lovely post dedicated to them.With easter just around the corner, its the perfect time to think about them. Cool blog you have.Emmie

RheLynn said...

Rabbits everywhere! You can tell rabbits are my favourite too :o) Thanks for the link to the Velveteen!

BTW: I've seen the animated versions (and read the book for WD) of both Watership Down and The Plague Dogs. I was told that they took the happy ending away at the end of Plague Dogs animation - they are left swimming 'forever out to sea' instead of being rescued by the little dog's owner. Bad Adaptation! *growl*

And sweet Rex bunny!!

Carrie K said...

Lionhead rabbits! Adorable! I wonder if Hezekiah would like a pet rabbit?

Hope Mr O'K feels better soon! Meds are a pain in the behind sometimes. Nabokov in rehab?

You definitely have time to knit that cute bunny hat by Easter. And mail it.


My LYS owner raises and shows Angora rabbits. We also have a woman who breeds them here. I am so buying one in a few years. :D

Bunny hat is SUPER adorable. I have that same problem with Knitting Pattern Central. Oh, and the Mini Rex...looks like a cow-bunny. haha Love it.

KnitXcorE said...

look @ all that bunnytastic goodness!!!!! last year i made dave a knitted bunny.... i should take some pics of him.

sunneshine said...

What an awesome bunny hat - wonder if I have time to knit it and get it off to the grandbaby... Babys are made for cute, silly hats... Such a fun post... I love both Watership Down and Velveteen Rabbit...

sienna said...

Have you come across "The Chocolate Rabbit" by Maria Claret? If not I think I'll just have to send it to you (if you like) Send me your address at sienna_poet[at]yahoo[dot]ca. I'd like to read it to my boyfriend's 7 year old for Easter but you are welcome to it after that!


Chris said...

I love the Velveteen Rabbit. *sniffle*

Kelinci said...

Nice post..i like.