Project Spectrum: Box o'Rocks

I went exploring today to see if I could find some blue, grey, and white hues for PS2.0 before March ends and we move on to green, yellow, and pink in April and May.

Field stones around our garden bed.

Edge of the old watering trough next to the barn.

Last fall's milkweed pods.

Stones around the barn foundations.

Driveway stones.

Old hitching post.

Goodnight, Moon!


BlackCrow said...

I love where you live!!! That's a great photo of the hitching post.

I put the meme up on my blog...boy do I have some catching to do!

Puss-in-Boots said...

What pretty stones you have around your place and a lovely twilight photo, too.

Chris said...

I love the old hitching post!

roxtarchic said...

mtnhd... what great pics!

jessie said...

After you left me a comment, of course I had to cruise your blog. So far my favorite part has been these barn/outdoor pictures. These are the little things that many people don't get to see in their lives. Nothing fancy, but beautiful nonetheless. We have much the same: old stairs and worn barn boards, a chicken here or there, a can with feed in it, a wide open evening sky. So maybe I just like it because it feels like home to me.

And I like the cats, too, of course.