Where's Mr. O'Kitten?

Whenever one of us is away, we always say that the girls think one of has gone to the watering hole for entirely too long. I was just off to the East Coast for a three-day weekend, leaving Mr. O'Kitten alone with Emma, Morgan, Isis and all the farm critters to attend to.

Now it's me here for a few days while Mr. O'Kitten is away. Doesn't Miss Morgan Freeman LeFay look as if she's waiting for the phone to ring? "Where's Mr. O'Kitten?" they all seem to be asking me.

Thanks to everyone for asking about Mr. O'K. He's going to be in hospital for a few days. He's been feeling pretty lousy for some months and they're going to try to adjust some of his medications. Hopefully, he'll be home in just a couple of days.

Well, Morgan, here's Mr. O'Kitten:


Chris said...

She doesn't look like the picture's going to do it for her. :)

Gothknits said...

Well, I'm glad he's ok. I was wondering about the vagueness of the earlier remark. He looks like he's a keeper.

Missed you.

RheLynn said...

Ahhh... poor you and poor kitties! Hope everything gets back to normal nicely and swiftly!

**kitty whiskers for Morgan**

KnitXcorE said...

i wish i had some glitter and macaroni, i'd make an awesome card. <333