Slipper Gallery

Thanks for the great feedback on my felting! I really enjoy it; needle-felting (the dry kind) was my introduction to fiber. It takes one felting needle (you can get three for $3.50), some fiber (roving or batting), and a piece of foam so you don't stick yourself with the pointy needle. Better still, you don't need a pattern, and you can't really screw up--you can always add more fiber or felt it more to make it smaller.
This was my first pair of slippers, made for my mom from Graty's fleece.
I used a pair of her scuffs for the pattern.


I also made myself a Graty-bag.

Wool slippers, decorated and lined with Llannie fleece.


My first needle-felted basket, using wool roving.
It has tentacles.

I made this basket for my grandmother.
I used wool roving, and braided some purple roving for the edge.

She put African violets in it.

Another basket from mixed wool roving, with Graty fleece for embellishment.

There are easy felting directions (and supplies) here.
Wish I'd seen her cute ladybug before I made mine!
But here's a ladybug and rabbit I made my spouse for Easter.
You can also use a felting needle and a bit of fiber to darn socks (not that I'm this industrious, mind you). Cats like to felt (er, uh, knead), too, but it's not nearly as much of a cat-attractant as knitting seems to be.


msfortuknit said...

ABSOLUTELY TIM BURTON! I cant believe it! Amazing! Im watching all of these old movie biographys that I taped last night right now theyre on Lousie Brooks and before this it was Clara Bow, both of whom you resemble, and they were so fucking strong, any how back to your work, amazing! hahah

Chris said...

How very very cool - you are quite the fiber artist!

Obsidian Kitten said...

thx, Chris! i get a lot of fiber in my diet (just don't always eat enough of it, heehee)

LOL msFortuknit, u are too funny! i love Tim Burton, my favorite is probably Edward Scissorhands (sounds like a knit/sew name, eh?)...ever seen any of the Quay Brothers animation?

i tried a Clara Bow bob once but it didn't work on me. I'm one of those ppl that if i hafta do more to my hair than towel it dry i'm in trouble...

Rebekah said...

All your projects are wonderful! I've never needle felted before, but have been intrigued by it. My husband wants some slippers, maybe this could be an option. Hmmm.

RheLynn said...

great pictures of the llamas :o)

The felted objects are very cool - I love how you can see the different coloured (for each animal) fibers in the projects and know 'who they came from' :o)