Project Spectrum: Around the House

A few more thoughts from the blue, grey, and white palette before the month is out.


The front of the hen house.

Hens doing some spring cleaning.


Grey cat bowl.

Grey cat helping.

Blue jeans.


Kitchen shelves.

Cat-and-mouse toy.

Happy First Birthday, Isis!

This was our Isis last year.

She was very small (except for her feet).

Today she is a year old, and now she is big all over.


Puss-in-Boots said...

Happy First Birthday, Isis. Pretty black puss cat. I had a friend a few years ago who called her cat Isis. Very cool name for a cat.

BlackCrow said...

What a shiny cat...Happy Birthday!

Can I come and retire to your farm when I'm old and grey?
Beautiful photo's!

sunneshine said...

What a beautiful set of three posts for monday morning viewing! Thanks!!

Happy Birthday Isis!!

Chris said...

Your PS pictures are all great!

Aww - happy birthday, Isis!! Look at those paws...

Elizabeth said...

Happy birthday Isis!
My litte kittens are almost one now, one is much bigger than the other but they still act like silly babies.
Love your blue jeans pic in the post above!

Obsidian Kitten said...

Isis says thank you for all the happy birthday wishes!

RheLynn said...

Happy birthday (belated) Isis! You're a beautiful polydactyl kitty :o)

Ahh.. Morgan is a beauty too. She makes me miss my Willowpede. *sniff*