Purple Puddy and the 3 Obsidian Cats

I found a picture of me in the infamous purple poncho WITH matching hat. This fine ensemble was crafted by the grandma who is currently teaching me to crochet. Isn't it too fabulous? Looking through the photo album with Grandma, we were laughing because I swear nearly half the pictures from 1973 to 1976 show me sporting this poncho. "See?" I said to her. "I told you I liked it!"

And now a brief photographic paean to the three obsidian cats that have cohabited with yours truly.

Sambo, April 1969.
Don't look at me, I didn't name him, I swear.
I wasn't even born when my parents adopted him!

Panther, summer 1980.
She didn't have a single white hair on her.
Her sister Tiger was tabby and white.

Isis Kyle, July 2006, in the S'n'B Snowball bed.
Famous Obsidian Kitten knit model.
Well-known for her owl-eyed stare, huge six-toed front paws, and signature wrestling "sleeper" hold.


Obsidian Kitten said...

Anyone recognize the chicken house in the first photo? That was before my parents dragged me away to Georgia for 12 years. WAAAAAH! No more farm! No more snow! lol

And for those of you who thought the skull wristband model was Mr. O'kitten, scroll down there again and see the just-added editors note. [Chad's a sweety, but he's too young for me anyway =) ]

oh, you can see him cuddling Isis on his myspace page though (link included below). i told him that's a SURE way to get the grrls... LOL

mk said...

Yep, the building blocks to fashion! My inner 7-yr old is kind of jealous, actually, as she would have lurved a purple poncho back then!

RheLynn said...

hehe yes the toes really put Isis at the head of the class :o) The old photographs are really cool, you look so happy :o)

You know, you're really becoming a nightowl lately!

Joanie said...

You look so cute with your purple poncho and matching hat. To think you favorite color is still purple. You were pretty as a little girl and still pretty as an adult.

What a great picture of you and Sambo. Such good memories.....

Chris said...

I didn't have a purple poncho, but I did have a purple pantsuit (velveteen), sewn by my grandma. :) And only one other black cat before Chaos - J.B. (Jet Black). No pictures exist.

msfortuknit said...

SAMFUCKINBO HUN? tisk tisk tisk! hahaha.. I know you probably wouldve named him Lestat or Mr Bo Gengles or something right? hahahah... Im being a slat sorry! hahaha... I hope that your havin a ball, and omg what an adorable baby you are!
Kisses and misses