The People Who are Going to Hate Me

I mean, the people that I've tagged because I thought it'd be interesting to hear their six things. Besides, it's all knitted_painting's fault anyway. Feel free to flame me and/or respond to this post with hateful comments.

Those who have been tagged are listed below.
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My own answers/confessional tell-all may be found below. In the event that you too wish to bare your soul and find yourself wishing you HAD been tagged, feel free to contact one of the unlucky souls above.


Knitted_Painting said...

LOL now they're all going to shout at ME! I think I'll be hiding for a couple of days! *runs of giggling*

KnitXcorE said...

tee hee!!! i started seeing people tagged last week... and i was that no one tagged me... i was going to stop blogging b/c everyone hates me... :-)

msfortuknit said...

Now divine one-
I think you know what most of my vices are faults are, we are from the same mold! So our eyes are different colors so what! hahaha

RheLynn said...

heh! ok I did it!

Obsidian Kitten said...

hey, knitted_painting, i had to blame someone...i can't ave everyone be mad at just ME...lolol

Severina said...


Knitted_Painting said...

lol! that's ok nobody seemed to mind to be tagged^_^


msfortuknit said...

Ill drop my six here:

I dont like people as much as I should.

I love my children more then I should.

Im starting to fall in love with my partner of 4 yrs which freaks me out hence the new goofballs!

Im not as liberal as people believe me to be,see #1.

Sometimes I wish that I had never left europe.

Im very glad that I met you shannah!

Obsidian Kitten said...

I don't like people as much as i should, either, lol. I try hard, though! (Leading me to a bit of #4 as well, though I try and hide it)

I spent some time in Europe, too (Italy and Paris) and I miss it a lot sometimes. I felt very at home there.

And totally ditto on #6!