Moments of the Random

I was so delighted to find my illustrated copy of Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking Glass this week. I was even more delighted that the black kitten in the illustrations is actually playing with a ball of yarn.

It must just be the mood I've been in this week, but my body is on slo-mo and my brain is on over-drive. Hence, I now share with you a few extremely random objects found while hunting for Alice and her black kitten.

Photo I took in Paris, 1989

Since I can't remember anything this week, this 1943 Atlantic City "Elephant Hotel" postcard struck me as particularly funny.
It says: "The only elephant in the world you can go through and come out alive." Um, okay.

Card made from origami paper. (No, I didn't make it.)

Photo I took near Bennington, Vermont, 2002.
These tombstones are "In memory of Capt. Samuel Barker" (d. 1807) and "Calvin Mulford" (d. 1821).

Postcard of Empress Dowager Cixi from Beijing (2000)

And finally--happy hatch day to Lani!
Here are some birthday flowers just for her...


RheLynn said...

Such great pictures - I love the cards, they tell me a lot about you too :o) I really want to know what your favourite colour is though. I have my suspicions, but not sure.

The Paris Photo is great - I can read some of the text, but not all of it. The scene at the window is very mysterious.

Lani said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes...and the cute flower girl. I love it. I hope you get to feeling better. HUGS! :-)

msfortuknit said...

The empress is lovely!

Obsidian Kitten said...

i can't make out all the of the paris text either. then again, my french is awful.

i used to think that was fruit on the windowsill. now it looks to me more like water balloons, lol

i love purples, dark purples. greys. grey green and forest green. and black, if i'm wearing it. basically anything at the GBIV end of the rainbow. (except navy blue!) also purple-reds and red-purples.

and i never wear white (or much of any light colors) b/c i'm always spilling coffee and things on myself. heehee!

Chris said...

The Alice picture is wonderful. And the elephant hotel - *boggle.*