new things done with strings

Isis models my second intarsia attempt.
I used this skull pattern.

As you can see, I had some assistance.

The red thing is my first try at crochet.
After inventing some stitches, I think I'm starting to get the hang of it.
Learning new things made all of our brains hurt,
and required a long post-crochet nap.

Just don't tell Isis that I showed you her bikini area.


RheLynn said...

OH they are so sweet!! Your girls are just so precious ;o) Great knitting modellers too!

msfortuknit said...

Soooo Koolio!

Amy said...

Ha ha, don't you love the first attempts at crochet? Mine is about identical in size and shape - but yellow. That damn tension was driving me bonkers. The skull intarisa looks great, as do the kitties!

(Saw you on P.R.K.G., and couldn't help but click at a Ministry favorite band, and then it's like, "WTF, another Michigander?" I've only been to your neck of the woods once, on a rather, erm, awkward errand...)


Chris said...

Aw, Isis is just TOO CUTE. Chaos is supposed to have a white patch on his tummy like that, but there are just a few stray guard hairs - mostly it's black undercoat. Very odd.

Joanie said...

Not a care in the world. Too sweet....