Things That are Grey and White and Blue

It is minus 10 F (-23 C) outside so I went looking for some Project Spectrum things that are in the cool tones of grey and white and blue. So here they are.



My favorite postcard.

Tyr (grey moorit) and Thorn (white).

Basket with tentacles needle-felted from grey sheepswool.

A basket I needle-felted from sheepswool and Graty's fleece.


Grey Cat and Morgan.

Pfefferneusse (a.k.a. Pepper).

Pfefferneusse cookies.

Fake fur Cookie Monster coat.

Captain Morgan. Many shades of grey.

Morgan with my grandma.


BlackCrow said...

ALL of my favorite things, snow, cats, poetry, dead mice and to top it all off 'Pfefferneusse' I thought I was the only one that knew what these things where....did you made some?
I have the recipe and vowed every xmas to make some. Honestly they are part of my food group I live on them!
wonderful photo's!!
I did once put a Dylan Thomas poem down on my site...hmmm you made me think it's that time again to hunt out one of my fav poems!

Chris said...

Those are wonderful pictures!

Anonymous said...

You found plenty of grey! The pictures even look cold!!!

Glad you liked my scarf and socks. I'm getting along with them. Hopefully, the scarf will get finished tonight.

sunneshine said...

Oh, love the photo of Morgan and grandma!! actually loved them all! And the needle felted baskets are wonderful, so full of personality!!

Gattina said...

Scrolling down from the tuesday cats I saw little Pepper !! She is a beauty. And I like the picture with your grandma's hands and the cat head. It's something to paint, so I copied it !

RheLynn said...

Such beautiful pictures and Morgan is such a sweetheart ;o)