Razor Cami for Bigger Girls

Several people asked about the alterations I made to the Razor Cami pattern to make it fit a slightly larger bustline than the 30-34" (76-86 cm) bust for which it was designed.

I really enjoyed knitting this pattern. It was my first attempt at anything lace, and it was an easy knit. There's no shaping, but the end result fits well, and the alterations (a.k.a. "math") ware easy and actually worked out. I'm about a 36" (92 cm) bust so here I'll let you know the three things I changed in the pattern to make it fit me.

FYI re. yarn/gauge: The yarn I used is not what's called for in the pattern. Instead, the dark brown I used is Filatura di Crosa's Millefili Fine 100% cotton and the variegated is merino wool from Fleece Artist. The pattern gauge is 24 sts and 29 rows = 4" (10 cm); my gauge was 26 sts/29 rows = 4 in (10 cm).

I used the better part of two 50-gram balls of the Millefili (136 yds/125 m each) and part of a skein of the Fleece Artist merino.

NOTE 1 -- Cast on. The pattern repeat throughout is 12 stitches. She does note in her pattern to cast on an extra 12 stitches for each extra 2 inches (5 cm) you need.

So I cast on 180 stitches. I wish now I would've made the cami a bit bigger, but this was just about sufficient for a 34-36" (86-92 cm) bust. If you're any larger than that, just add the 12 extra sts for each additional 2 in (5 cm).

NOTE 2 -- Divide at armpit. I didn't divide the stitches evenly. I divided 96 to the front, and 84 to the back (total 180 sts, or however many you cast on). I left more stitches at the front to allow for the bust.

You may also notice how short-waisted I am. I only needed to make the body 12" (30.5 cm) rather than 16" (40.5 cm) in length. I highly recommend trying the cami on (or holding it up to yourself) to adjust for length and check how you want to arrange the stitches to front and back when you divide the stitches here.

NOTE 3 -- Finish the back. Don't "Seam edge of top ribbing to front edge at each side." Fortunately I tried the cami on at this point, because if I'd seamed the ribbing under the armpits here, it would've been way too tight. So guess what--for a pattern with minimal finishing, you get to do even less of it. And it looked just fine to me without it.

By the way, I didn't use any sparkly contrasting yarn for the edging, just did it in the dark brown Millefili. Also, I made I-cord for the straps instead of the flat 1x1 rib.

This is a close-up of the pinch-hitter Fleece Artist yarn I got when I realized I was going to run out of the Millefili.

And to Emma's amusement, I had more than enough of it left to make a pair of socks.


Chris said...

It's always interesting to read how others adapt patterns - thanks for sharing! LOVE the picture of Emma. And can we see a close-up of that tattoo sometime?! :)

Barbara-Kay said...

Nice work! But, you live in Michigan, where the seasons are June, July, August, and Winter! When will you get to wear this beauty? VBG!

sienna said...

Thank you! I can't wait to try it when my cabled hoodie is finished.

Gothknits said...

Horray for Boobies!!!

Looks great. I wish more was designed for us busty girls.

Wow you have 4 seasons. We have two...winter and construction. Some times a third season will sneak in. Its call OMG ITS STILL WINTER.

Obsidian Kitten said...

heehee! yeah, that about sums it up on the seasons. i tend to pretend there's four...but they're really more like winter, mud, hey the sun's out! and winter again.

Jaime said...

Thanks for all the tips. I've had my eye on that pattern for a while, but the size was waaaay too tiny for me. Once I get a few things off the needles, I'll have to go pawing through the stash for some yarn to use. I hope mine will look as great as yours does! :D

msfortuknit said...

Ok so the small fact that you call yourself bigger is a flippin trip! And talk about a scarry cat! You know that I love those socks baby!

Elizabeth said...

Great cami! I have a 36" chest but the girls are not big at all. (I'm tall?) I starting reading and thought you were talking BIG GIRLS so that made me laugh. And then pause. Of course, girls with really big girls shouldn't be wearing the cami at all. I am going on and on about breasts, arent I?
It's bittersweet making handknits out of season, isn't it?

LesleyD said...

I absolutely LOVE IT!!!! That is awesome! I've got to make one now! (after tank girl cough um)
Great job! I'm a 36-38 so 30-34 doesn't work for me. Maybe back in highschool but after having a kid I've kissed those days good bye. LOL Knit On!!!

Obsidian Kitten said...

i hope the adjustments i made will help some of y'all who (like me) loved the pattern but were a little larger than 30-34.

i realized after i wrote "bigger" in the post that (pretty much) who *isn't* bigger than 34? lol

it's a really fun, easy knit and i think the main thing besides increasing by a multiple of 12 sts to fit you is to make sure when you divide to front and back that you leave *more* stitches to the front to allow for your chest size.

FYI, i'm a B-C cup. gauging by the way the pattern (esp. at the armhole) fit me, i can't guarantee how it might fit someone much more curvaceous than i am. of course, the lace is quite stretchy, so if you try it, i'd love to hear how it comes out!