Psycho Killer

This post is rated V-D for Violent and Disturbing imagery that may be considered in poor taste (unless, of course, you like the taste of mouse). Sensitive viewers, please be advised before proceeding.

Perhaps this face (the one in the center, of course) should have alerted me that she’d be on to something. (Please see the previous post if you missed all of last night’s misadventures.)

Once the poor mouse grew cold, Isis lost interest in it and turned the deceased over to Morgan, whom I found hissing and growling under the kitchen table, mouse in paw.

I did manage to get the mouse away from her and toss it out into the cold snowy night with a small prayer. None of its family members were in attendance at this admittedly unceremonious event; I expect they were safely in hiding somewhere very far away.

At least poor mouse didn’t turn up in a slipper, under a rug, or (shudder) at the foot of the bedcovers.

Now please hide your eyes if you don’t wish to see the psycho killer in action. (And yes, I realize I probably deserve angry comments for taking pictures of my cat toting around a dead mouse. Then again, I’m addicted to nature programs, Wild Kingdom, and Animal Planet—and I found the whole thing very intriguing, if, yes, a bit disturbing. So fire away, if you must…but hey, I warned you…)

Isis with her catch in the living room. (Not that you'd know it, but these were taken in almost total darkness. I just pointed the camera in the general direction of the growling black shadow on the rug.)

Stalking off with her prey, all a-growl and a-glare.

Trying to get some privacy in the bathroom.

As you can see, Emma had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the entire disturbing affair.

On a Brighter Note

I’m making a new pair of socks out of this Fleece Artist merino (you may recognize it as being left over from that Razor Cami I made a few months back). It is such gorgeous yarn. Socks will be guaranteed to keep feet mouse-free for at least three months.


Mouse said...

I'm rather amused by your national geographic photos of the mighty mouse hunter.. but then again, I take photos of bugs.

Chris said...

A documentary of what to expect should an unwary mouse find its way in here! Thanks. ;)

Elizabeth said...

This whole scenario has unfortunately been re-enacted many times for me. The worst part is when you only find the body minus the head or tail. Now if they eatthe mouse they rarely eat the tail so I'm left wondering where the heck it is. Luckily I've sealed off the mouse portal under the kitchen sick. I think.
Happy Sobriety Anniversary.
Keep warm.

KnitXcorE said...

I love Fleece Artist yarn now, I have some angora I can't wait to use.

Obsidian Kitten said...

the Fleece Artist yarn is *awesome*--it has such a beautiful twist to it, and is SO soft. it also has a wonderful sheen and is an absolute joy to work with.

sienna said...

Razor Cami!! I forgot that's on my to-do list for the Spring! Did you ever post the mods you made to that pattern? I must have missed it.

Samantha said...

For some reason I find birds worse than mice. She does look pleased with herself.