Socks, Cats, and Porridge for Hens

Emma and I Finish Some Socks

As you can see, Emma and I finished our second pair of socks. She spent almost the entire process in my lap. Although she looks a bit dismayed that I get to wear them, I assure you that she would firmly put her paw down if I even attempted to besock her, or put any garment on her, for that matter.

In fact, the very idea sent her into hysterics.

The variegated is that lovely Fleece Artist merino I keep raving about; the solids are some bits of wool I scavenged.

And sorry y'all, I completely forgot to post the alterations I made to the Razor Cami pattern so no, you didn't miss it if you were wondering. I will do that as soon as I dig up my notes.

Porridge for Hens

Sarah's hens looked so happy and healthy that I couldn't help but steal her idea and make some warm porridge for my poor cold hens today. (It's an even zero degrees F [-17 C] on the thermometer at the moment.) Doesn't this look yummy?

They were delighted, and it was especially funny to listen to their beaks rapping eagerly on the aluminum pie pans as they polished off their entrees in short order.

In other farm news, Miss Pepper ate her first grown-up llama crumbles yesterday (it's like kitty kibble, but specially formulated for llamas). She's been eating loads of hay, but wouldn't deign to take any crumbles from me--surprising, since most llamas consider them such a treat. At 18 weeks, she's still nursing, but I've seen her mama nudge and even gently kick her away more than once. And then yesterday she just up and decided she liked the crumbles. Kids--go figure!

And today she wore her halter for the very first time. I was expecting some theatrics--most crias will throw a tantrum the first time they have a funny thing strapped onto their heads--but she strolled right out into the pasture as if nothing strange was going on. That's our Pepper! (Five minutes later when we tried to hold her still to take it off was a slightly different story...but everyone emerged happily unscathed.)

Morgan Turns One

Today is Miss Morgan Freeman LeFay's first birthday. At least that's what they tell us; considering that she was a stray that somehow arrived at the MSU Veterinary Clinic I imagine they were only guessing at the date, but it seems as good a day as any to celebrate.

Birthday strokes...

...and birthday scratches.

Does she look grown up yet?

And does Morgan's "little" sister look jealous?


Anonymous said...

I'm lovin' all of the kitty photo posting going on around here lately! The one with the socks really cracked me up.

Chris said...

LOL! That picture of Emma is fabulous! Happy birthday, Morgan! And oh, Isis looks a bit malevolent there...

Rachel said...

I love reading your farm news...do you have any pictures of your chickens eating the porridge?

Morgan DOES look jealous. lol

Joanie said...

Happy Birthday Morgan...

Your socks look great. Hey, they would make lovely Christmas gifts for this year--hint hint--LOL

You must have the happiest cats and farm animals around with all your homemade food.

Have a wonderful day and keep warm.

RheLynn said...
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RheLynn said...

Happy Happy Birthday Morgan!
She is so beautiful - look at those eyes in that first picture (great shot!)

Very neat socks too - love those colours with the variegated. Emma looks like she's going to eat your foot, Mark says ;o)

Brenda said...

Happy Birthday to Morgan! She is a very pretty cat. I like your socks; very cool with the contrasting stripe at the start of the toe.

Mienna said...

Happy b'day, Morgan! It's my b'day too, and I'm 1... +20. :D Give her an extra kitty scratch for me, hehe. For my b'day I gave all mine (I have seven) kitty treats (the bunnies got fuji apple), they seemed to think I should have a b'day everyday.

Obsidian Kitten said...

Happy birthday, Mienna! [btw, i saw on yr profile where you live...i grew up near there, in Augusta! =) silly blooogergloggle won't let me leave you any comments, tho...]

I'll tell Morgan it's your birthday too! She had a special chicken snack dinner she shared with me, but i'm gonna bet she's wishing she was at your house to play with all your furbabies!

sienna said...

I love those green heels!

Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday to Morgan! What's better on a cold February day than cats, socks and oatmeal?
Loved your cats on Tuesday.
I need some of that solar recharging myself.

Samantha said...

Happy Birthday, Miss Morgan!

KnitXcorE said...

those socks look fab! and morgan is sooooo cute <3