Grey Matter

Since my PRGE Secret Pal had generously gifted me with this beautiful grey wool top, and in honor of PS 2.0 (February and March being grey, blue, and white), I decided I'd best get a'spinnin' again today.

My spinning skills were a bit rusty, but I'm not off to a bad start.

Spinning soundtrack: The Kingston Trio's Greatest Hits and Cracker's Kerosene Hat. (I honestly don't know why I like this album so much. I just do. So there.)


Chris said...

That's an eclectic soundtrack, to be sure!

RheLynn said...

A really beautiful yarn you are coming up with there - thick too!

Samantha said...

That is beautiful roving :)

KnitXcorE said...

O'kitty! what can't you do? and cracker? how early 90's indie rock of you <333

Obsidian Kitten said...

yeah, it's kind of fat yarn. that's only b/c i can't spin any other kind -- yet...lol

cracker...i know! something about that album..."the movie star/crashed her car/everyone said she looked beautiful/even without her head"... ah, it just speaks to me, ya know?


Knitted_Painting said...

Hey Obsidian, it's been awhile since I visited your blog I've been quite busy =)
it's so kool that you can atually spin! I'd love to learn to do that!
I hope all is going well for you=)