Things I Got & Things I Made

Stuff I Got Today

I have the coolest Secret Pal ever. Today I got a surprise package crammed with Burt's Bees tins (I so love Burt's Bees stuff), Sin-o-Mints ("For the sinner in you"), a fantastic pair of Emily knee socks, and my first set of other-than-icky-plastic-ring-stitch markers...these have little skullies on them. They're fabulous, and it was the perfect box-o-gloomy-day-after-christmas

I'm between cameras at the moment, so please excuse the lack of some fantastic photo of all the aforementioned which should be inserted here. Just close your eyes and imagine the Secret Pally goodness of it all, will you?

Some Stuff I Made for Xmas

Okay, nothing as delectable as what I saw chez Severina's Stitch-o-Rama, but now that gifts have been exchanged I can post a few pics (see, I really was knitting [and crocheting] all this time, really):

My first granny squares, made into a wee blanket for our new niece (due in January). Modelled by Isis and Sock Monkey.

I finally finished the Pixie Hat. Though intended for the new baby,
turns out it fit the expectant mom-to-be!
(Note: Model is most definitely neither niece nor sis-in-law.)

Pair of hearts. (Warshrags, that is.)

Apple placemat and warshrag. (Oops, I think you saw this already.
Well, it reminds me I have 2 1/2 more placemats to go...)

Okay, so I was obviously very excited about the heart lace pattern.
Here it is yet again as a table runner. And, of course, with matching warshrag.

This is the hat I made that swatch for.
I love the way the Lamb's Pride worked up.



Chris said...

Your SP sure had your number!! I love the black kitty goodness of Emily the Strange - and I have an empty SinOMints tin sheerly for the black kitty. :)

That's a really cute picture of Isis! Looks like you've been busy.

mrspao said...

I love Emily the Strange! That is great fun! Your knits look great!

msfortuknit said...

How in the frewl did you get so bloody lucky!! hahahah! You really do have a fantisimo SP~! I really really love everything that youve been doing! Missy you kitto

And I really love the deer

Anonymous said...

Oh we all could use a little Burt's Bees, especially in da winter. If I could afford it I'd slap that stuff on with a paint roller!

Now I'm realizing that I should've gone the warshrag route since my mother complained she didn't have enough of the store bought things.

Anonymous said...

wow - you have been busy with knitting/crocheting! It looks great!

And between the Burts Bees and Emily the Strange - I am green with envy, what a great SP!

Anonymous said...

i love that lil pixie hat... your's looks so much better than the pattern looks like, but i may give it a shot (based on your photo) i'm long overdue for knitting for a pregnant friend... (actually i'm long overdue for knitting ANYTHING) hah...

Glaistig said...

You've been knitting up a storm! The blanket colors look rather sherbet-y and edible and I think I'm in love with that lace heart pattern. It's just classic. The two hats turned out perfectly! I heart Lamb's Pride.

Happy New Year!