In Which O'Kitten Follows Directions

On Pajama Pants

I realize I made it sound as though I wear my flannel pajama bottoms everywhere. I would like to take a moment to clarify. (Granted, there was a time back in the '80s when I wore men's boxer shorts everywhere, but who didn't?) What I was describing to you are the flannel pants I am fond of wearing in the house--my house--although I realize that it is no longer uncommon to see people wearing sweatpants, sleepwear, and even their undergarments in public. I personally choose to wear mine at home.

And I figure if I'm slouching around the house I may as well feel halfway cute while I'm doing it...sweats are SO comfy, but somehow the frump-factor just makes me feel so--well, extra-slouchy, you know?

Llama Beans

Okay, the llamas are great and everything, all cute and fleecey and whatnot, but this evening I shovelled 4 (yes, that would be FOUR) heaping wheel-barrow loads of llama beans (and yes, by that I mean poop) out of the barn and pasture...ew! (It'll go on the garden in the spring; llama beans make wonderful fertilizer.)

Isn't there an animal whose poop you DON'T have to scoop up?

Slave to the Swatch

I diligently obeyed DomiKNITrix's directions and made my first true gauge swatch.

I've never used Lamb's Pride worsted before (this is a really lovely color called Raspberry, although it doesn't look like it here), and I'm using it to make a hat. I've done the band in that crazy, fuzzy Lion's Brand Homespun (or it could be Red Heart Light & Lofty).

Anyway, I followed protocol and knit a 24-stitch-wide swatch using size 7-8-9-10-10.5 needles. The little purl bumps indicate the needle size (as per DomiKNITrix--I thought this was a brilliant idea) and the purl rows separate the different gauges.

I generally swatch since I'm still a relatively new knitter and don't have a very wide vocabulary of yarns yet. (For example, it seems very strange to me that the Lamb's Pride has so little twist to it.) I wouldn't have swatched like this for something as simple as a hat, but I made myself do the exercise because, well, the DomiKNITrix said I had to!

Well, mostly, I thought it would be good practice. And it is interesting to see the varying characters the yarn has at the different gauges. I was hoping to work the rest of the hat on 10.5s, since that would go quickly, but I think it'll look best on something smaller, possibly even 7s (7 and 10.5 are the two circular sizes I have to work with, and I don't really want a seam).


Moose and Squirrel

I've noticed that some cats are sprawly, loosely-knit cats, and some are curly and more tightly-knit.

Isis is the former, and Morgan and Emma are the latter. I can pick Isis up and she'll hang in my arms like a fuzzy doll; I carry her into bed with me and she stretches out under the covers next to me, purring and purring.

You can only pick Emma up one way--upright, like you would a small child. She has to be able to see over your shoulder, no cradling, and definitely no lying on her back! And Morgan is such a squirmy little squirrel that no sooner to you get her in your arms than she wants to hop right back down again--you know, things to do, people to see, stuff to chase.

It's the same when they sleep. Grey Cat was always a sprawler...on his back, on his belly, head lolling around, front legs stretched out like Superman...whatever. Emma sits with all four feet neatly tucked together, and sleeps with similar tidiness...curled into a tight little ball.

Isis is more of a sprawler, and sleeps soundly.

Morgan is definitely a curler...

...and always ready with one eye open.


Anonymous said...

If you don't keep one eye open, you might miss something!

I love the contrasting string (ribbon?) on your jammy bottoms. Cute!

Chris said...

Neither of mine really like to be picked up, alas. Chaos is maybe because he's so friggin' huge... That's a clever idea with the purl bumps on the swatch! Good eye re: the Lamb's Pride - it's a single, like Kureyon. Because of that, it tends to bias when knit in the round. And your knit Vs might look unbalanced and not much like Vs at all.

Gattina said...

Yawn ! I just want to lie besides them ! For little Pepper you should built a huuuuuuge litter box !

Anonymous said...

OK, let's just put up a very bad word here in a honkin' huge font because Blogger Beta just ate three of my posts. Grump!

Cliff's Notes version: I like flannel pj bottoms. Llamas are fuzzy. Kitties are cute.

Teeny box-let on the way, mebbe before Christmas. :D

Carrie K said...

Oh. You're not wearing jammies out in public? The hopeless fuddy duddy in me is secretly pleased.

Cute llamas! Even their poop is cute. Well, cutely named. Beans.

Aww, on the kitties, waaay back when. Sheba used to let me pick her up for a few minutes, but NEVER in anything less than a regal lounging position. Hezekiah HATES to be picked up, much less held. She's a loose knit sleeper though. That's a great metaphor.

You didn't post for two months last year?? Got to make up for it this year, you know.

trek said...

Llama beans - I love it!

KnitXcorE said...

i adore lamb's pride.... it was the first price-y yarn i ever used :-)

mrspao said...

I love your sleeping cats :)

Glaistig said...

Ahh, your LP swatch is a thing of beauteousness! I really like Domiknitrix's felted flowers. They're the best I've seen.

Sleeping kitties are the best. Unfortunately, mine are just resting up and planning more mischievous little "projects."

RheLynn said...

What beautiful sleeping kitties! My girls don't understand how to sleep without their tummy pointing straight up - or catloafing (but that's just napping, really). **kitty whisker wishes to your little ones (and llama fluffy-chin wishes to Pepper!)**

msfortuknit said...

I should pay you to swatch for me! I hate it so incredibly much! I love the look though mama! I love that little baby Lalalalamamama