O'Kitten Becomes a Shepherdess

One of my life-long dreams came true today.

Imagine my surprise when I was awoken from a midday Christmas Eve catnap by our friends Rick and Laura from Queso Cabeza knocking at the front door.

I invited them in and we chatted for a few minutes; then, assuming they had simply "been in the neighborhood" and wanted to see 'their' llamas (Llannie had been the first llama born at Queso Cabeza, and we got Graty, Lacey, and Switzer from them as well), I asked if they wanted to check on their old friends and see Pepper.

"Sure!" they said, never giving away the real reason for their Christmas Eve drop-in.

It didn't strike me as odd that they had their trailer hitched up behind their truck. I figured they'd been out picking up some sheep or something, and as we were heading to the barn, Rick asked me to take a look in the trailer.

And there were two Icelandic sheep inside.

I was rather puzzled.

Laura informed me that two of their sheep needed a home—OUR home!

So please meet the two newest additions to the O'Kitten Corral!

Curly (at 6 ½ weeks)
b. 20 April 2006
White Icelandic

Curly (at 3 weeks)

Tiny Engebretsen
b. 13 May 2006
Moorit Gray Icelandic

Tiny, when I met him at Rick & Laura's over the summer

Tiny trotting out of the barn this evening as if he already owned the place.

I have dreamed of having sheep for as long as I can remember, and today I have become a shepherd! In fact, on our honeymoon a psychic told me that Mr. O'Kitten and I had been acquainted in several previous lifetimes. [Cue Twilight Zone theme music...] In one of them, we had sheep...Mr. O'K was a barrel-maker who crafted musical instruments on the side, and I tended to the animals and the garden and spun...

Happy hollydays to all, and to all a good night!


mrspao said...

Oooh - congratulations and Merry Christmas!!

Mouse said...

Merry XMoose to the O'Kitten family and to the new additions! How exciting! I have some Icelandic roving that I bought at MSW but haven't spun it yet..

Joanie & Uncle Arthur said...

What a wonderful Christmas gift.If Jesus were to be born today, Mary & Joseph would have picked your barn. With the shepard and her sheep, and the camels, oops I mean llamas (modern times), and chickens and kittens, it would have been the perfect place. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas. Miss you both (Mr & Mrs O Kitten - not the sheep!!!)

Chris said...

Congrats!! And a Meowy Xmas to the entire menagerie. :)

Elizabeth said...

I don't know if I agree with the above Blessed Barn theory. I think it is actually more biblically "Ark"-like and the animals, they keep arriving two by two!
What fun.
You know, a psychic once told me my kids had been lovers in a past life and had chosen to be together in this one and you know, if you saw them together, you could easily believe it.

KnitXcorE said...

What an amazing gift!!!!!! that's sooooo cool!!!!!

msfortuknit said...

What a year angel!