Snack o'the Day

Thanks for all the great input on your favorite knitting needles! As I mentioned, I have a gift card from The Hobby Lobby and am thinking of getting interchangeable circulars. I'm actually not sure what I'll be able to find there, but it's worth a look.

To tell you the truth, I myself am not all that particular about my needles--at least not yet. I'm a relatively new knitter (I've been knitting about a year now) so I'm still experimenting with needle size and type and, no matter whether it's metal or bamboo, circular or straight or double-points, it's all still pretty much on the learning curve to me.

Which is probably good, because I'm not sure what The Hobby Lobby will carry. Is it just me, or is that sort of an odd store? I was really excited when ours opened, because it's much closer than the Michael's or the JoAnn's, but it has a really strange vibe to it. But I can't help but love a craft store of any stripe (I think Ben Franklin's remains a favorite, though, probably for it's five-and-dime feel, and the sheer randomness of it) so The Hobby Lobby entertains me just about as much as any of them.

On The English and The Continentals

So I'm continuing to practice throwing the yarn leftie, continental-style. It still feels a bit unnatural, but I'm convinced if I can just get the hang of it that it's going to be far faster than the English way, which entails constantly letting go of the needle to throw the yarn rightie.

Before you totally glaze over on this subject, let me just add that I am one of the most right-handed people ever. I broke my right hand during senior year of high school (extra unfortunate as I'd been studying piano for ten years) and was stunned to find that I couldn't find my mouth with a fork (ow!), could barely brush my teeth, and even the simplest thing, like using toilet paper, was an extraordinary challenge.

But if you currently knit English (i.e. wrap the yarn with your right hand) I'm telling you, the only difference with continental is that you wrap the yarn with your left finger instead! (And no one told me this before because why? Oh, right, because I wasn't listening...the mere mention of it made me drowsy.) If you've ever tried to crochet this will probably come completely naturally to you. (Thanks, DomiKNITrix...I obey, I obey...)

Hot Taste Bowl

In honor of Severina, I now share with you my favorite snack, Hot Taste Bowl. This is a Korean version of ramen noodle that is guaranteed to clear your sinuses. This classic "Hot & Spicy" flavor is quite good, as is the Kimchi ("Vegetal") version.

But let's not forget the CamarĂ³n/Spicy Shrimp Flavor (and no, Sev, it doesn't contain clam broth). Although you can't get these on sale at seven packages for a dollar like some brands, they run about 99¢ apiece at Korean groceries (or mayhaps in your international foods aisle [though apparently not this one]; our Meijer store carries them), and they're at least twice as big and 18 times as spicy and flavorful as your college dorm room ramen packet or Bowl'o'Noodles. Yummy!

Cat Treat

Here's Emma sleeping on my fuzzy electric blue Cookie Monster coat, her new favorite nap spot.

And here she is on a page with some new French friends! (That Emma Peel, she really gets around...)


Jaime said...

I can understand - I tried the english method once and I have to say that, despite being right-handed, it felt very unnatural to me (I crochet lefty, too.) If I recall, the book I learned to knit from taught this method, but I felt more comfortable with the yarn in my left. So, I actually throw the yarn with my left, rather than pick, most of the time (sometimes I switch back and forth.) True continental-style is a lot faster, though. To me, it felt only a bit slower than a slipped stitch. Purling's a bit tricky, though.

Carrie K said...

I'm right handed (although I think I could find my mouth with my left hand - no not laughing at you! Laughing with you! What? you're not laughing? I am.;) and I took to Continental style like a duck to water. It's actually awkward for me to knit the other way, until I do a few rows.

No Hobby Lobby around here and our Ben Franklin got absorbed by Beverly's. Michael's is around, but luckily we have an abundance of LYS.

Chris said...

My continental knitting is pretty different from what you describe - I actually "pick" the yarn up with the needle and don't "throw" at all. My left forefinger tenstions the yarn and doesn't do anything else.

KnitXcorE said...

yeah when i try continental i usually pull the yarn up and thru.... i haven't done a whole piece continentally yet, but i try it when i'm bored b/c i know it's supposed to be quicker.....

RheLynn said...

Mr.J loves those bowls - the vegan ones. He could eat a ton a day if I let him.

We had a Ben Franklin's in my hometown for YEARS and YEARS - it was almost designated a historical site for the town - honestly. But then they tore it down :o( It was so sad. I think it was one of the first places I ever rode an elevator as a tiny kid - up to the fabric store on the top level! Great ice cream there too at the counter - and fish to watch in the pet section. Our next-door neighbor used to work in the hardware section downstairs and my mom and grandparents would take me along visiting with her when I was 'knee-high.'