A Litany of Shortcomings

Is it just me, or does everyone have that day where they feel particularly unlovely, unlovable, unlikable, incapable, cranky, awkward, and generally unfit for human contact?

I had a friend who said this sort of thing hit her once every month...and she'd go through the whole litany of her faults and shortcomings, concluding she was so stupid she should drop out of graduate school and, anyway, what had she been thinking in the first place?

Then this friend--who was, I should add, very bright and quite attractive--would realize it was That Time of The Month and that PMS had fooled her yet again.

Well, I'm having that day today. (I can't spel whin I have PMS either. Ugh. Pleese fergive me. And I SO haate bad speling and typeos.)

Stupid PMS. Grrr. Arrgh.

More On The English and The Continentals

Chris' point on picking versus throwing the yarn is well-taken...I notice that when I get the proper tension in my left hand it actually takes very little "throwing" at all, but of course I'm not adept enough at the continental thing yet for this to happen consistently.

But when I get the right tension and rhythm going it's more like pulling the yarn from my left finger with the right needle, then through the stitch, slipping it off at the same time. (I assume this is what y'all mean when you say "picking" the stitch...it kind of happens naturally when working with the yarn from the left, I think.)

The again, I could just be making up my own kookoomamie way of knitting, and am just imagining that I'm knitting continental.

I have PMS, after all.

I can't even drown myself in wine and narcotics, as I've exceeded my lifetime capacity already.


Pepper Sprouts

Pepper at 9 1/2 weeks (just ignore the non-llama at left)

Pepper gives the non-llama a llama-kiss


Anonymous said...

keep knitting - continental knitting is when you can pick the yarn off your left finger with your tension staying even and there is no thought of throwing. The good news is, its all just practice. And it sounds like you are really close to having it perfected. It just starts out weird when you have knit the other way for a period of time. And just for a fun factoid - there are 39 ways to make a knit stitch, all of which are correct... so you are probably doing it right.

And regarding that day - its not just you!

Chris said...

Oh, man, that llama-nonllama thing is CUTE!

Heh, I might not knit the most normal way, either, because in an Annie Modesitt class, she came over to stare at what I was doing as being "unusual." :)

Gattina said...

Ah ! A picture of "my" little Pepper to whoms birth I even assisted ! My God is she a beauty and sooooo cute and she became big too ! Such a sweet little face ! (The non Llama is not bad either !)
Don't worry about PMS we all went or go through ! Those were days I didn't support myself and when I looked in the mirror I sticked my tongue to myself !
Don't forget your cats today and come to my blog to enter your link in my "Mr. Linky" so that other participants can find you ! Ah yes and the little cat on the toilet on top of your post !
(I still look at Pepper)

Mouse said...

I've been told I "knit weird" too.. so I just don't take it personally.. lol. I love the llama photos!

RheLynn said...

She is getting huge! What a cute baby ;o) The knitting gets all done in the end, either way, right?

Joanie said...

Just too cute......