The Cats' Pajamas, and Llamas

Have A Heart

This is what you probably should have if you need to trap wild or feral cats. We use a similar Havahart trap here on the farm for raccoons and ground hogs (which my father, being a big softie, doesn't shoot but simply "relocates" to the Department of Natural Resources property about ten miles away).

The woman who talked me into adopting Grey Cat, who was part of a colony of virtually feral cats and kittens living in a funeral home parking lot, was familiar with trapping strays and this is the type of trap she used. It looks rather sinister, but believe me, it is actually quite humane (and didn't close on his tail the way I managed to shut the cat carrier on Emma's!).

Basically you put some tasty food treat (and water, if you're going to leave the trap unattended) in the back of the contraption. When the animal fully enters it, it has a sort of tilting floor panel that springs up into place at an angle to keep them in. (None of the creatures we've caught has ever been injured in this process, although some of the critters have fought pretty vociferously to get out.)

It continues to boggle my mind how many people don't get their pets spayed or neutered. I know it's expensive—believe me! Back in Hoboken, I was able to get a low-income certificate for neutering one of my adopted cats; with this I was able to get him fixed for I believe $20. Some areas are even progressive enough to have free spay and neuter clinics, and we did get him a free rabies shot when our local health department sponsored their bi-annual free rabies vaccination clinic.

This sort of thing takes some research, though, and not all places offer it. Start here for a list of free/low-cost programs by state, or call your local Health Department, the ASPCA, or other humane/cat rescue groups to see what programs are offered in your area. Even if you yourself can't keep the animals you trap and neuter (and, at worst, are forced to release them), at least there will be that many fewer animals reproducing. (Trap-spay/neuter-release programs are, I understand, becoming more and more common. But think: a single un-neutered male cat can sire hundreds of offspring—in a SINGLE YEAR!)

I Never Promised You a Rose Garden

Look what O'Kitten received!

This may well prompt one to ask what she did to deserve such a beautiful arrangement of blooms.

Well, I'm not exactly sure.

Which leaves me to wonder: what did he do to necessitate sending her such a bouquet?


Run to Target!

Because I found these flannel jammie pants at my local Target today for ten bucks. And there weren't many left!

I love flannel pants. They don’t spell "h-o-m-e-l-y" to me in quite the same way that sweatpants do. I think this sentiment comes from watching far too many episodes of Seinfeld, and I do love my sweats, but I can't help but feel like I've very nearly given up when I wear them.

But flannel jammie pants...now that's a whole other thing entirely. They're warm, they're soft, they're snuggly, and a bit less unflattering.

And look close at the burgundy on black pattern—they have little skullies in them! Woo-hoo!

Pepper Spots

Because you may not yet have had enough of the pure, unadulterated cuteness of a 10-week-old llama.

For comparison, at three days old she was only yay big:


mrspao said...

That llama looks like it has the most soft downy fur :)

I agree about the spaying/neutering. There was a lady here who had a couple of strays in her garden who were breeding - very soon she had about 40-50 cats in her garden who were all very ill.

Mouse said...

I'm still wondering if the neighbors will notice if I start putting llamas in the yard.
Love the skull pants.. will have to go check those out.

Chris said...

Aw, Pepper is so cute! I wonder if I could keep a cria in my living room?

Ok, that's the 2nd post I've read this morning extolling the virtues of pajama bottoms. I'm feeling a strange compulsion to go buy some...

Gattina said...

Now I copied "my" little pepper into my pictures ! Is she cute ! I almost forget my cats ! In Belgium cats and dogs are neutred free by futur veterinarians, of course not beginners ! Otherwise it costs around 50 $ for a female and 15 for a male cat. Dogs I don't know. Stray cats are catched by animal associations, neutred and released. Now there is a reasonable amount of strays and not like before.
And I have to point out your father is NOT A SOFTIE !!!! He is just normal and has feelings. Mr. Gattino safes the mice Pookie is bringing in and puts them carefully back in the garden !

Carrie K said...

Awww. Pepper is such a cutie pie.

I don't know why people don't spay or neuter their cats either and I also don't get why they want female cats to have one litter first. WTH?

I've seen a couple of pajama bottom praising posts today too but I say jeans or sweats epecially if you're not in your bed or your own house.

Joanie said...

Does it get any cuter. She put a big smile on my face...Thanks
Love the coat pepper is wearing.

RheLynn said...

Oh you're right - we haven't had enough of that sweet nose yet ;o)

That was the kind of trap they used on 'Tux' on our front porch. He banged his nose up pretty hard (bloddy) trying to get out (his sister was still outside the trap). But yes, it is much better than what the neighbor asked the Animal Control people to do (set out poison) -- she is an awful person :(

I know Grey Cat and Emma are very happy to have you (and the little ones to bat around) in their life ;o)

oh - and the alien in the bag went to New Mexico .. fitting, huh? He already got there!

KnitXcorE said...

i <3 flannel pants! i have a pair with choclate mooses on them that i pretty much wear every day.... <3333 the llama are looking lovely dahling!

Glaistig said...

You are La Dame des Fleurs, non? Those are lovely roses!! Count me among your many devoted admirers, tee hee :)

Um, do they have any of those Tarjay jammies for dudes too? 'Cause I'm tired of Mr. Glaistig walking around in dingy t-shirts at home and was thinking of buying him some. The color in your pic looks so rich, almost like brocade.

Pepper is so fluffy! Ah, unadulterated cuteness. Just the way I likes it!

Anonymous said...

Nice traps. Is there a special outfit I should wear when cat trapping? I'm thinking khacki with boots and the hat (Teddy Roosevelt style). T from Boken.

jessecoug said...

It is important that the vets know how to handle ferals. I founded and ran a nonprofit for Trap-Neuter-Return for 2.5 years.

The group I founded helped put this together for the vets:

And Alley Cat Allies in DC has some very standardy safety and *stress level* (for trapper and cat) factsheets which we strongly recommend. We never lent out traps unless people had taken the workshop and knew the ins and outs (what to do if 2 cats go in 1 trap at a time and become panicked and aggressive, how to trap mom + babies without injuring babies, how to calm the cats if they are smashing their faces into the bars, how to caretake them if they have a upper respiratory and can't be put under for neuter until it clears, why you don't test for FeLV/FIV unless they look symptomatic, why you don't booster/FVRCP shot them, why you do rabies shot them, etc.)

It is a great thing to do but you can hurt them if you are not trained and careful.