In Which O'Kitten is Taken on a Trip

I'm just back from York/Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

The trip was a surprise. I'd been wanting to go and visit my grandmother, who turned a wonderful 89 on her birthday last Friday, but I was too anxious to get myself organized to make the trip.

So Mr. O'Kitten woke me up at 6 am on Friday and said we were going on a little adventure. Half an hour before we left he finally revealed our destination--my bag was packed, the truck was loaded, cat care was arranged...he'd taken care of everything. All I had to do was hop in the car.

And it was a lovely trip. My grandmother was as surprised as I was (no one had told her we were coming either), the weather was warm and gorgeous, and travelling snapped me out of the early winter funk I'd been slowly slipping into for the past few weeks.

Now I'm home--will post more later. Missed y'all!


Joanie said...

Welcome back. How wonderful to surprise and celebrate grandma's 89th birthday. What great memories for you, hubby and especially grandma.

msfortuknit said...

What a sweet little tom kat!

Chris said...

Welcome back!! What a wonderful surprise from your husband.

KnitXcorE said...

awwww.... how sweet <33333333

RheLynn said...

Aww. how wonderful! Mr. O'Kitten is a real sweetheart and very thoughtful! And what a happy birthday to your Grandmother, nice day and unexpected visitors!

Glaistig said...

How lovely to visit your dear and uber-crafty Grandma! And she does have the most beautiful hands (as the kitty in the last pic must know).

Yep, your (ahem, Libra) husband is definitely a keeper :)

Obsidian Kitten said...

oh yeah, he's a keeper alright

Libras rule! (and a good match for a gemini loony like me, lol)