What I Made

Happy Howlowe'en, Ladles, Jellyspoons, and All Children of the Night!

As a little treat, I made Blackrayne's skully dishcloth.

I also made a thing that I wanted to put on the cat, the type of thing oft modeled by the most dashing Chaos, but that might prove to be a spoiler for its intended recipient. (But Chris does such a commendable job capturing Chaos at his composed feline best...)

The Lost Reel

or, Skully Dishcloth Photo Shoot, Part Deux

Oooh...what have we here?

Here's lookin' at you, kid.

Hey! Lemme touch it...

Remember boys and girls, it's all fun and games until somebody loses an eye.

* * *

The dishcloth is Lily Sugar'n Cream in a color christened "Tea Rose" that looks to me almost exactly the shade of those dreadful oversized marshmallow peanuts.

I leave you with one last and truly geeky All Hallow's Eve Treat, the jack o'lantern of my dreams. Now if only it could make that noise the Cylons make...that would truly be the stuff of nightmares.


Chris said...

Aw, thanks! *blush*

Hee hee - LMAO about "losing an eye." And the cylon jack'o'lantern is really cute - but I followed a link for a LEGO flamethrower. WOW.

Joanie said...


Looks like the kitties are having a fun Halloween.

Enjoy the day.


Carrie K said...

A Cylon jack o lantern! Good grief.

Great washcloth. "All fun and games until someone loses an eye." [snort].

Mouse said...

You know what they say right? its all fun and games until someone loses an eye.. and then.. its MARBLES!
I love the photo shoot gone wrong.. kittens are such great fun.

Glaistig said...

Ooh, I didn't notice the eyeball initially. Yummers! But those peanuts do taste dreadful, don't they?

I imagine your kitties will be coming home at dawn's light, bleary eyed and partially inebriated after a wonderful night of familiar-related debauchery!

Happy Halloween my dear Madame!

RheLynn said...

*giggle* cute pumpkin! You've really been knitting lately! Cute kitty girls as always -- they are such lovers and fighters ;o)

msfortuknit said...

adorable how are you friend?