Snow, Catnaps, Madcats

It snowed this week, but it's all melted away now.
It is sunny today and more like fall.

See--sun. Hence, cats.

Isis lolls, Emma pretends Isis isn't there,
and Grey really is completely oblivious.

Cat Goes Mad in Tree

Who, me? Whaaaaaaaat?

I was just, um, watching some stuff down there on the, uh, floor.

No, back it's there! Wait! There it goes! Didja see that?

Now it's over there! Hey, come back here you! I'll get you yet! C'mere...you just come on over here and get a piece of me...we'll see who's laughing THEN, won't we? ...


Mouse said...

I love the kitty tree pictures.. man I miss my black cat!

Chris said...

Awwww... You go, Isis! Get those Vogons! Keep your mom safe!

Glaistig said...

Gosh, that first picture of the barn is so perfect.


Carrie K said...

Those are some darling cat pictures!

Gattina said...

Hi O.Kitten !
I am back and see with pleasure my favourite cat color black ! What a little devil. How is little Pepper ? That's also a cute name ! I only saw red/white cats or tabbies in Turkey ! Not a single black or grey cat. And they were sleeping in very historical places such as roman ruins or orthodox churches. Your explanation of obsidian stones is really very interesting. I just felt in love with onyx ! There are so many quarries in Turkey. Another stone is turquoise it's full of it there.
Will tell more about Turkey in the next days.

RheLynn said...

Such cute kitty pictures! I had to look three times to make sure that wasn't Morgan in those first few pictures!

Isis you are seeing the invisible bats, aren't you?

msfortuknit said...

look at those little devil worshiping satanist worshing the sun!

KnitXcorE said...

snow already? i just turned my heat on for the first time :-)

Luna said...

nice Gatos.I like your farm! =^.^=