Holy Jingle Netties! A Finished Object

I finally finished the Razor Cami that I started back in July. The really sad part is that it's been a mere six inches of I-cord that's been holding me up for the past month.

The dark brown is Filatura di Crosa's Millefili Fine 100% cotton and the variegated is merino wool from Fleece Artist.

I wish now I'd made it a little bigger, but this is the pattern that some pixie made for size XS 30-32" bust, so I'm glad it worked out as well as it did. (Pattern said it would stretch...heh! Leave it to some tiny waif to define "stretch"...)

But I do like the pattern, and it's both my first actual garment and my first stab at something lace.

Pepper, 3 1/2 Weeks

Oh, they grow up so fast. Sigh...

She weighs a hearty 45 pounds already. Which means she's doubled in size in 24 days. How is that even possible?

She's begun nibbling on grass and hay just like a big llama. Here Grandma Switzer and mama Lacey look on as Pepper daintily samples a few blades of green.


Mouse said...

How awesome! I keep looking at knitting that tank.. I think I will see if I can use the cotton fleece I have from my ill-fated Kyoto. How many more repeats of the pattern did you add ? Just curious because I will have to modify it as well.
ps. thanks for the card.

Carrie K said...

Whoo hoo! Congratulations! I cord is a known stopper. It's just that way.

Aw, so grown up and yet still so adorable.

Anonymous said...

Tank is awesome!!!


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KnitXcorE said...

she did get big fast... i remember just seeing those pictures of a slimy blob... soon she's going to realize boys DON'T have cooties and then it's all over....

Chris said...

The tank looks great! And aw - Pepper! So big!

Glaistig said...

Pepper's just a growing like the grass she eats!

It's hard to believe that razor tank is your first garment (and a lace one at that) -- it's gorgeous and goes fabulously with your tat. Congrats!

msfortuknit said...

lookie here

I know how you just adore grapel!

sienna said...

Lovely razor tank!! I've been thinking about doing that one too...did you make yours as written or did you add some repeats? I'm sure I'll need to add a fair amount of extra strech myself!

RheLynn said...

Oh Wow Oh Wow you finished it! It looks great! And Pepper is surely living up to her name - those spots are gorgeous! I love her eyes, Mom and Grandma look so proud of their little one!

Joanie said...

Be proud of your finished project, as it looks great.
Pepper has grown so much and is still so cute. Mama and Grandma look very poud of their little one.
What a great life you are giving them.

BlackCrow said...

I love the colours and the pattern of your razor cami!! It looks great!

And I'm so in love with your llama's, I want one!! Do you think my Bf will notice if there is one in the backyard tomorrow, we have a big yard?
Maybe I'll have to settle for Quails. :)

Gattina said...

I wrote already two days ago, but with the male witches in Blogger no comments allowed. I were so happy to see little Pepper again ! She is so cute. Soon she will get a young girl already, she grew quite a lot !

I published yesterday my post about my trip to Turkey. So if you want to see the pictures and comments it's


Obsidian Kitten said...

thx for all the great comments, y'all!

i will post the alterations i made to enlarge the razor cami pattern soon, k?

happy hoppy ooky spooky halloween

make something gross