It's Howlowe'en, and O'Kitten is 100

This is Obsidian Kitten's 100th post. Wowee! Seems like something to celebrate, no? Plus, my favorite howliday fast approaches. And now, may the festivities commence!

We begin the celebration with a favorite photo of our spooky black kitten.
(Yeah, yeah...just enjoy it again if you've seen it before.)

Is he dead yet?

1st Cenobite: Ah, Isis, we have such sights to show you...
2nd Cenobite: Oh, Isis, so eager to play--so reluctant to admit it!

Aliens Sow Seeds

We grew a lot of pumpkins, squash, and gourds this year.

Apparently, someone else was participating in the fall decorating.

Upon closer inspection, I realized that some of the pumpkins
were actually oddly cross-bred with gourds.

What has Gort been up to? And to what ends?
One may only begin to speculate.

Needless to say, I'm keeping very close watch on this box,
should any other strange visitors soon appear.

Around the Haunted Howse

Hallowreath, made from a feather boa and wire coat hangers.
Best crafted while shrieking: "No wire hangers...!"

Beaded cross-stitch done last year by someone
with too much time on her hands (eeesh, 18 stitches per inch).
By the way, I discovered you can scan cross-stitch, beads and all.

Time to get out the seasonal goodies.
"Let me be frank" and "Halloween rocks" towels were gifties from my cousin.
(She rocks!)

Oh, not seasonal. This is year-round décor...

...As is this tableau above the computer desk.

Greetings of the season to one and all!


Mouse said...

Ahh.. nothing says "holidays" like decorating with the Hellraiser box.. hee hee! I haven't been happy this year with the halloween decor out there to purchase.. but I'm working on it.

RheLynn said...

Happy 100th post and PreHalloween :o) I see Gort really has been busy - thought I searched him for genetic engineering lab kits before he left the house!

Obsidian Kitten said...

Gort is up to SOMEthing...sure with i knew what is was.

You're the programmer--what exactly IS it you programmed him to do? lol

Thise pumpkin/gourd things sure are weird...and eerily pod-like...

sienna said...

Congratulations on your 100th! It's always fun & the photos are great. Well done!

KnitXcorE said...

i love that wreath!!! it's xtra cute :-)

Chris said...

Happy 100th!! Ok, that boa wreath is very cool. And I would be REALLY worrying about what Gort was up to. Have those kittens had their operations yet?? I'm afeard of a cat-llama crossing...