Greetings, Earthlings

All kids out of the pool!

I hope you are watching this. I am doing it as hard as I can.
Harder than I have ever done it before.

Yes, the infamous Ignignokt has materialized from bits of string. He is not blocked and looks a bit haphazard, but as you can see he is quite happy to meet you.

This is what happens when you put your knitting on the scanner. You have to fold it up and it gets all squashy, so I'm not sure I recommend it. Still, it was an interesting experiment. The color of Ignignokt is much more neon green, with a bit of sparkles in it; the blue is quite electric; and the black is, well, black. This combination of colors seemed to utterly baffle scanner, camera, screen and Photoshop. I'm sure it's even worse now on Blogger. You probably think Ignignokt is lavender and orange.

p.s. Ignignokt chart coming soon.

I Promised You Cat-Knitting Tips

They don't seem as exciting to me now as they did in the middle of the night.

Yarn in plastic pint container is neither as wiggly nor as appetizing...

...nor can aforementioned yarn be seen when container is closed (or at least not most of it, anyway).

Rubber bands (at right) keep stitches from sliding off the ends of a needle that falls into the wrong hands (er, paws). Yes, they sell those little rubber tip thingies, but Isis seems to think those are delightful toys -- it takes her a lot longer to remove a rubber band (which is, I note, also a delightful and very cat-unsafe toy).

I've taken to securing all my projects in their own ziplock or zippered baggies. This includes the pattern, a pencil, all the yarn, etc. -- any or all of which are fun things to hide under the couch, in the bathtub, behind the stove...anywhere I may not be able to find them when I want to work on said project.

This after I discovered that using plastic shopping bags (highly engaging) or regular tote bags (a little less enthralling, but still intriguing) merely invited delightful exploration, games of hide-and-seek, and the surreptitious sequestering of necessary project items throughout the house.

The upshot is that there is no cat-PROOFING of the knitting to be had, but merely a couple things I discovered that decreased the frustration I was experiencing. I mean, they DO love to help.

Did I hear someone say they needed some help?

Here I am! Here I am!


Severina said...

Maybe Ignignokt's little hand gesture is aimed at any cats that want to help finish knitting him up?

My cat just seems to think I need a layer of drool liberally aplied to my PC keyboard.

thursday said...

rubber bands! huh. good idea. my knitting is hidden throughout the house... and i've taken to using clear plastic boxes with hinge lids to putting the projects in. Don't know if the plastic cup will help - it's the yarn in between that my cats go for. :)

Chris said...

Isis is looking so adult and sleek!!

Heh, Chaos chews through plastic bags, so ziplocks can't be left out.

My biggest thing is having only zippered knitting bags and keeping everything out of kitty reach - sealed in tubs, on top of a tall cabinet, etc.

msfortuknit said...

ssssssoooo so luvely that shirt!

Obsidian Kitten said...

chews thru the bags, eh? that wily Chaos!

i guess the plastic boxes would work...

that durn sweater...i have about 4" of i-cord left, then i can finish it...grrr! i keep saying "today i'm gonna concentrate on finishing something"--then i get all ADD and just do other things (like start something new) HAW!

Glaistig said...

[sprays beer across keyboard at Ignignokt's "hard" comment. Thanks for the hopped and malted keys!]

One of my cats thinks those blue tipped needle thingies are Fllintstone vitamins or something so I really need to make the switch to rubber bands.

Isis is so sleek! Her eyes seem to be saying,"I'm part Borg. I'll adapt."

Obsidian Kitten said...

She is Borg.

I will be assimilated.

Resistance is futile.

* s i g h *

RheLynn said...

hehe - I need some catproofing around here! Sally grabbed a project right out of my hand when I was on the phone the other day - boy did she get in trouble!

Such a cute alien! Do I sense a theme starting here?

'Tart said...

I use plastic zip bags too, for my cross-stitch. I'm a little 'burnt' for dealing with my crochet or trying knitting again at the moment, so this is my craft of choice at the moment. I go in and out with various crafting, yep flutuations of da mood probably. My cat is a little verklempt. I am trying to tease him out of being so good and proper with toys to make him run around. At the same time, he is a great purbox and the prettiest thing you've ever seen, so I think that makes up for it! :)