Easter Peeps

Now that we're not on the farm anymore, one thing I will miss is having my own spring peeps. The first two years, they came in a box in the mail.

The odd-looking chick grew up into a rooster we named Odo.

By the second spring, the hens started having chicks of their own.
This is Heather, who had two mommies. (After several weeks, Timmy--the smaller of the two hens vying for custody of the rapidly-growing chick--won out.)

These are a few of Rebel Goldilocks' offspring.
Goldilocks was a great mama.

I even hatched some chicks in my incubator.

I guess I'll have to go back to making my own peeps again.

Happy Easter, everyone!


Chris said...

Zohmigod! Isis laid an egg? And hatched a peep?!

KnitXcorE said...


Mouse said...

I hear the marshmallow versions are SO much easier to keep in the city.. though not as cute and fluffy.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Chicks are so cute...peep, peep! Happy Easter to you and Mr O'K.

srp said...

The beautiful kitty would surely make a wonderful peeps momma... not likely! We did have a Siamese once who found a baby rabbit, brought it home, cleaned it and then went to sleep with it in his bed. We had to find the nest and hope for the best... momma might not take to kindly to kitty spit smell.

mrspao said...

Happy Easter! Very cute :)

BlackCrow said...

Happeeeeeee Easter Oh kittens!!!!

OH look at those little chicks!!!! They bring back some memories.

We will be getting chickens soon after winter passes so I'll be re visiting your older posts!
Hey I just saw my lino print go by on the"tumtum tree" oh there are some nice pics there.....love the bunny driving the tank print!
Oh and new stuff in Etsy....off to have a look.

KJ said...

Happy Easter! I finally have your craft done!

bow I am just fretting if its good enough...


Severina said...

Love the fuzzy peeps! I could never quite stomach the marshmallow ones though. Bleh.