Buster Brown and Cheese World

Mr. O'Kitten and I went on a little adventure to the nearby neighborhood of Forest Hills for a stroll. It's a really lovely area with a lot of posh homes, so one of these days we have to go back so I can take more photos. The buildings above are adjacent to the train station.

I was astonished by this little time capsule. I'm not sure I ever had Buster Brown shoes, but I definitely remember getting new school shoes at a place with a similar storefront when I was little.

I think it would be easier for me to give up chocolate than cheese. I love cheese. So we had to go in here just to inhale the aroma. Mmmmm...cheese...

Today I have plans to meet my knitting friend after work. It's supposed to be nice and warm so I think we'll be sitting outside (!) for some KIP (Knitting In Public). Woo-hoo!


Chris said...

I remember getting Buster Brown shoes, although it was in a mall.

Mouse said...

Me too.. all of my shoes as a child were Buster Brown! They were also always ugly because my father was one of those "sensible shoe" sort of guys. He regularly dies of laughter on the phone when I call and tell him that I've just bought another pair of shoes from the hiking store. *sigh* In my defense though, I do have a selection of rad, non-sensible (and often nonsensical) footwear for clubs.

Anonymous said...

Do you remember the commericals on TV about Buster Brown Shoes..
It was a cute little song..I know all the words...LOL...boy I am giving my age away...HAHAHA

If you don't and want to know ...call me...I will sing it to you,, LOL

KJ said...

um, me too, I am a baaaad cheating vegan.


mrspao said...

I love those old shops :) I couldn't give up cheese either.

Paula said...

How strange that I just happened to fall upon this.......THIS IS MY FATHERS STORE!!! I would know it anywhere, as its the only one of its kind in NY State. It has been in our family since the 40's, and he just retired 3 weeks ago! I am so amazed that anyone would be so inspired by it to put it up on a blog!

Obsidian Kitten said...

Hi Paula!! How wonderful that you came across the photo here...isn't it amazing how many memories this shop brought back for all of us?

Please tell your father congratulations on his retirement--I'm sure he will be missed by many, many people!

What a great story ~ thanks so much for stopping by!