Cats on Tuesday: Cat Livin--Ur Doin it Rite

Cats on Tuesday: Cat Livin--Ur Doin it Rite

We won a rat on Moderncat recently during a Toy Week giveaway. It's a big wool Cat Livin' toy with a long leather tail and was a big hit here upon its arrival today Chez O'Kitten.

The rat underwent thorough scrutiny.
You can see that it's all fresh and catnippy.

Isis demonstrates the secure attachment of the long leather tail.

The organic catnip was pronounced "extremely tasty."

The rat passed all quality assurance testing.

Isis: Move along, Morgan. Nothing to see here.


Gattina said...

Hahaha ! how cute ! I don't know why cats always start with the tail ! When I buy Rosie's mice (she has a big consumption) she first bites the tail off and after having played for a few days she opens the belly !!
Fortunately 2 mice only cost 1 € !
COT is up now, I don't know why Blogger didn't publish it, I had it scheduled !

katztales said...

Love that little pink tongue and that wild eyed look. Very cute! Au and Target don't like nip so I don't buy them any toys anymore. But we have a feather duster, some ping pong balls and snizzle circles (hair bands to those that don't speak Target) that are good fun to play with.

Ydiana said...

Haha..cats really love catnips don't they? Well, most do! Very smart of Isis not sharing it with Morgan, or they'll end up in cat fight? Lol!

Luna said...

Aaaaaah, a cat nip toy , that is g r e a t !!! We love cat nip toys.
You are very lucky to win this rat!!!

mrspao said...

Isis knows how to live it up :)

Julie said...

I've never even tried catnip with my kitties...looks like they don't know what they are missing! Great pics, happy COT.

catsynth said...

Very cute pictures of Isis. It looks like that rat has definitely been "caught".

Crypt Stitch said...

Yeh, Akasha isn't a Catnip kitty either, which is a bummer. Cat Thyme however...I'm glad Akasha isn't the only cat who won't sit still long enough to take a non-blurred photo ;)