Scratchy Stuff

My full post on this topic is actually here--don't ask me how it wound up there, but it posted on the date I began writing it, rather than today's date. For comparison, below is the cardboard scratcher our cats like--the one with the "two for $10, plus free catnip" price tag. Regardless of the name, I'm not actually sure what it's a 'refill' for. I just throw these scratchers on the floor and the girls scratch, loll, and snooze on them all the same.

I just found this one, and it's not too shabby for $22. Notably, it looks exactly like a much-loved chunk of cardboard I scavenged for the girls from the box an air conditioner came in. I have to say they used it almost daily and it lasted for three years or more, so if this has a similar lifespan, you could do far worse.

More of my reflections on cardboard scratchers (with DIY links) here.

Check out 24Paws on etsy for hand-crafted cardboard scratchers ($15 includes free nip) or SmittytheKitty for lovely cedar-based scratchers if you don't want to make one yourself--Smitty's are spiffy and totally affordable. Finally, really beautiful and unique cat trees (if you wanna go for something like the real thing) can be found at CatsPlay.

And scratch happy!


Chris said...

My next linkity linkity post will contain links to your two scratcher posts! Very cool.

24Paws said...

:) Thanks for the mention! Two years ago a kitten (covered in ringworm with a respiratory infection)was dumped in our yard and continues to turn our doghouse upside down. lol We run to keep with her.

I'm a Gemini girl too...June 2. :)
Happy belated birthday...really, can you hear it too much?

Puss-in-Boots said...

Those cat trees are certainly different, O'K. They are beauties. The one I've got for my two is a pretty sturdy thing...it needs to be because they both use it at the same time and it gets a bit of a hammering!

mrspao said...

I've never tried cardboard scratchers - we've usually just got sisal ones but cardboard ones sound good.

Obsidian Kitten said...

Back in Michigan Mr. O'Kitten built the girls a cat tree and it *really* took a beating--especially with Isis hurling her 13-lb self on and off the top platform! The main pole was wrapped in sisal and they liked that stuff a lot.

The cardboard scratchers have turned out to be far more durable than I would've expected.

Obsidian Kitten said...

oh, and as one of the ads I read points out, when one side of the scratcher gets worn, you can just flip it over.