Cat and a Box (A Sort of DIY Column)

I knew I'd seen directions for crafting cardboard creations somewhere, and I finally found the link. This isn't necessarily cat stuff--although I can easily see my cats enjoying it. Go to foldschool.com for a free downloadable pattern and complete directions to make this nifty stool and matching oragami-esque chair.

If you have cardboard left over (hehhehheh), you could make a few of these and tell me how long it takes your cats to completely devour them. Still, I say kudos to Marmalade pet care for the free patterns. They are kinda cute.

If you haven't seen it yet (and I hadn't) here's a free pattern for a fairly straightforward-looking cardboard cat chaise lounger from Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories. Of course, my cats are just as happy with the plain old box--but then again, this might look a little nicer in my living room. (You might also check out the "Retro-dork-chic-DIY-d12 handbag.")

What I really want to make is one of these. I figure it would take a lot of cardboard cutting and the right adhesive (that's the part I haven't quite figured out yet). Still, I think it'd be worth it, considering how much our cats enjoy their plain one. I love the way these look, but the top one, Marmalade Pet's Cheeky Chaise lounger, retails for $139, and the Chiapod is $189!

I dunno, maybe I'll just give them another empty box. Not only can you climb over a box and sleep on top of a box, as well as survey your surroundings while concealed by a box, but you can go into a box. With any luck, you can even capture one of your siblings inside, behind, or underneath a box. It's a multipurpose cat-lounger, cat-concealer, and cat-exerciser, and it's totally free.


Chris said...

I know someone who has a Chiapod! I had NO IDEA they were that crazy expensive.

mrspao said...

For some reason, I'm thinking of the book 'My cat likes to hide in boxes'..

Chuck Barnard said...

Not hard at all.

Go to hardware store. Buy gallon of Elmer's glue and a glue spreader. Total under $10.

Beg borrow or buy an electric carving knife (resale shops should be under $10, new around $20--mine was $3)

Collect cardboard.

Decide dimensions.

You can either glue up big sheets and then cut them into 3-4" thick blocks and glue them, or cut the sheets and then clue them. Your choice. Weight them while glue dries.

When you have a block the right size, carve to shape with the electric knife.

Caution: Avoid gluing or carving the helpful kitty who will insist upon being in the middle of the process!