Bobbi and the Strays (and Me)


Today I volunteered at an animal rescue place called Bobbi and the Strays (the website could be a little more aesthetically pleasing, but all the relevant info is there). I hope to be able to go back for a few hours every week. Each time I've visited since we've moved here the place is so clean, the animals all have clean cages, fresh beds and litter boxes, fresh food and water, and toys, volunteers are out walking the dogs, and I've noticed that there are always visitors in their storefront location and animals seem to be adopted regularly.

All the volunteers were lovely and I finally met Bobbi a few weeks ago. Aside from taking in my own much-beloved furlings, I know I can't save all the strays in the world -- but maybe I can help out in some small way at this one place, one animal at a time.

I was there for four hours today and, amazingly, in that short time four animals found homes! First, a pair of nearly identical two-month-old tabby kittens went to a lovely family. They'd come from Animal Control and the volunteer who'd been fostering them actually went with her husband to pick up two more on her way home!

I didn't take any pictures myself today, but the two kittens looked a lot like this one. I love tabbies. I was so happy they got to go to a home together.

Next was a lively five-month-old long-haired chihuahua named Nikki. Bobbi made a home visit first to make sure everything was in order; Nikki loved her new adoptive parents' other dog and seemed delighted with the arrangement.

Not Nikki, but this looks a lot like Nikki.

Finally, a little poodle mix named Sam who'd stolen my heart becase the first thing I'd been asked to do as a new volunteer was to take Sam for a walk; I guess we bonded because we were both the new kids. He'd just arrived from Harlem (don't ask me how he wound up in Queens) the day before and was thin as a rail with a hind leg that stuck out at an odd angle--probably the leg had been broken and never set. It didn't slow him down any and I could barely keep up with him as he greeted everyone on the sidewalk and darted from flowerbed to lamppost to flowerbed.

This could be Sam's twin. He was super-cute.

Sam looked spiffy all freshly-bathed and I was shocked to see the veritable fleece they'd sheared off of him the night before. He loved all the other dogs and all the people that came in during the day. He only showed fear when I tried to put him in his crate for dinner, which set him to shaking and such sad whining that it nearly broke my heart. I relented and let him out to eat.

Shortly after his dinner Sam was destined to leave to make his forever home with someone who had recently lost his dog of 18 years. It was so touching and I'm so happy for little Sam. He'll make such a lovely companion. We had a fond farewell and he eagerly left with Bobbi's friend, who was to deliver him to his new life.

It was a good day.


Carrie K said...

It sounds like a great day. [blink blink]I think I've got something in my eye...

Puss-in-Boots said...

Good on you, O'K for helping to make a difference. It's criminal how animals can be cast aside as casually as a piece of flotsam. Every year around Christmas time, there are thousands of unwanted "presents" and dumped kittens being put down. It's heart breaking for the RSPCA workers, but there are people out there to whom an animal's life is worthless.

Oh dear, I'm getting on my soap box again...sorry.

Mr. O'Kitten said...
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Mr. O'Kitten said...

I've been to this place. And yes, Carrie *blink blink*.

Elizabeth said...

Guard your heart at places like that!
A few things:
You can actually spin and knit that poodle's "fur"
And secondly, why doesn't O'Kitten design them a website?
Re : Sam and his gimpy leg. You just made me glad/vindicated I did what I did for my new stray. (It's on my blog.)

Obsidian Kitten said...

from what i understand NYC is working toward becoming a no-kill city but for now Animal Control is working with countless small organizations like this one to help find homes for the animals so they don't have to euthanize them, as well as redoubling their own spay/neuter and adoption efforts.

total *blink blink*

Anonymous said...

It is great that you are helping with these lovely cats and dogs.
This is something I also wanted to do know me I would get so attached that I would want to bring them all home.
This must be a new place that opened in town!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The animals thank you and so do I
Hugs Joanie

Chris said...

I am glad to hear that there were adoptions while you were there!

mrspao said...

What a lovely place. All the better with you volunteering.

Tina said...

Thats very nice of you to help out! I volunteer as well but I go to the vetport at JFK. Its very hard to see these poor babies in those cages. They are so sad in there, but well taken care of! Its a shame because not many people get there to see the animals because its kind of hard to find inside of the cargo area in the airport. I hope they can find a huge place close to where they are now in Altas Park for ALL of the sweethearts to be seen. Take care!

Susan said...

I am also a volunteer for Bobbi and the Strays. We'll be losing our rented space at the JFK Vetport soon. We are desperately trying to raise money to buy a new building.

Care2.com is having a shelter competition. It costs you nothing. The shelter with the most votes wins $10,000. PLEASE copy the link below and vote and we would also appreciate your spreading the word to everyone you know.



Anonymous said...

Bobbi and the Strays has a NEW website - www.BobbiAndTheStrays.org. Check it out!!!!