Cat Belly

This is my favorite part of the cat: the belly.

Even though Morgan doesn't like to be picked up or held, she will let you rub her tummy.

Don't you just want to bottle the Essence of Furry Cat Belly? I would carry it around with me and apply it liberally. It would be especially useful in times of stress. Or when I was tired. Or cranky. Or you know, whenever. Purring Cat Belly would be even better.

Isis has a funny little white spot on her tummy. We call it her V-For-Victory, and occassionally V-For-Vendetta. I try to avoid referring to it as her bikini line.

Isis rarely lets you rub her belly, although she rolls around and shows it off a good bit.

Emma has a crazy tortie belly.

She likes getting belly rubs, and will sometimes throw herself in front of you to get one. We don't talk about this behavior though, as it might be considered by some to be a bit undignified.


Chris said...

Kitty tummies!!!! Awwww... Ok, when you see my post for tomorrow, remember that I had already written it and scheduled it before I read this - May's belly is in it. She has a V, too.

Carrie K said...

Kitty belly! So cute. Sheba would let you look but heaven help you if you touched. Hez likes her tummy rubbed. Cleo, across the street, would walk in front of you and throw himself into your path until you rubbed his tummy. Over and over. Slowed walking considerably.

Bikini line. LOL.

Criz Lai said...

Wow... cute bellies! All my kitties love to show their bellies as well, especially Janice. She love to sleep with all her legs facing up all the time.

You forgot one main belly... mine.. LOL! All the kitties love sleeping on my belly when they were young. You can have 2-3 each time. But now, I can only manage one as all have grown a bit out of scale.. haha :P


Anonymous said...

Our cat, Otto, also likes belly rubs. In fact the more you pet him and pick him up the happier he is.
We have been taking him on the backyard deck and letting him sit on top of a towel on the foot rest while we both brush and comb him at the same time. Talk about a happy cat. All we hear is PURRRRRRRRRRRRRR

Have a great day

pins&needles said...

My cat loves to show off her belly, but she doesn't like being touched there. She's such a tease.

Luna said...

Those are sweet tummy pictures. i love it to rup the cat tummies, but unfortunately my cats don´t like that. They always bite me if I try it.

katztales said...

Cute fuzzy tummies! Target and Au show off their zips when they do their paws in the air pose. I've always wondered what that was about...

Gattina said...

I also love these warm furry bellies, but none of my cats likes to be touched there ! they all get very angry ! Even little Rosie !
Creating and wearing an Essence of Furry Cat Belly is interesting but I am afraid you have to climb on the next tree because of all the barking dogs behind you !

Puss-in-Boots said...

I love furry purry cat bellies, too. Unfortunately my two don't. Mitzi looks most offended and Bella runs off. Oscar would put up with it for so long then wrap his paws around my arm and kick like mad...no claws though, he was very gentle like that. I actually think he was ticklish!

MIQuilter said...

Tinny LOVES to have her belly scratched... but she thinks she's a dog in general. Patches is more into head rubbings... but her purrrrrrsss can be heard MILES away.