Cats on Tuesday, Pt. 4

I apologize for not Cats-on-Tuesday-ing over the holidays. The day after Christmas I simply forgot, and the day after New Years I was a lazy O’Kitten.

As compensation, here’s a bit of the holiday merriment for your enjoyment. I swear, there’s nothing like an empty box or a bit of giftwrap (forget the toys, the wrapping is far more entertaining).

If you missed our three previous installments, here’s where you can find them:

Part 1, In Which We Meet the Family
Part 2, On How I Met an Emma
Part 3, In Which Emma Meets the Vet

Isis, in Repose


Look at those huge paws with those extra toes!

Morgan, Watching

Emma, Queen

And who, exactly, said I would share my domain with two youngsters?


I’ll simply refuse to acknowledge their existence...


Debbie said...

They are all so divine how do you chose who to pet first? The markings on Emma's coat is so purrfectly made!

Anonymous said...

Indeed paper is much more interesting then the content ! You should have seen my cats when I opened my suitcase there were paper in and Pookie had to play with that of course. Emma looks like if you had put a picture of Lisa ! (That's copyright violation !)
I have never seen paws like Isis' that's amazing !

Anonymous said...

Your cats are absolutely gorgeous.
Cats & Wrapping paper ... what a wonderful fun combination.
Take care, Meow

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos! Yep, boxes, wrapping paper and ribbon make great toys! Dragonheart loves one of the boxes that had Christmas presents in it.

Thanks for sharing the pics of your gorgeous cats. :)

Chris said...

Those are great pictures!! I love the almost yawn that Isis sports in one picture. And Emma - definitely the Queen.

Chaos still has huge paws (no extra toes, tho) - I'm just glad he never really grew into them!

srp said...

Beautiful cats with such sleek and shiny coats. Ours love to snuggle and sleep the day away as well.

I think our Nicky would be smitten with Isis.

Joanie said...

Just love Cats on Tuesday..


Elizabeth said...

I can't believe I missed Cats on Tuesday again. Next week..
I just love Morgan's face. Gorgeous and yet suitably haughty.

Carrie K said...

I love Isis's big paws and I love Emma refusing to acknowlege their existance - although in my house we call that napping...

Snow! Awesome. Those skully stitchmarkers are way groovy too.

KnitXcorE said...

Isis is soooo shiny.... that natural (homemade) food is doing it's job!!!!!