Cats on Tuesday, Pt. 6

The Inimitable Isis

Now it’s time to tell you a little more about Isis. We adopted her last May when she was about five weeks old. I remain completely fascinated by her glossy black coat, her owl-like eyes with their general expression of surprise, and her polydactyl toes--six on each front paw, giving her almost opposable thumbs. (I’m convinced this is an evolutionary trait cats are working hard to develop and perfect. And when they do—watch out.)

Okay, can you stop with the pictures now? This is getting kind of annoying.

She’s pretty dextrous with these front feet (when she’s not tripping over them), but mostly she prefers to carry things around in her mouth. Namely, things you might be needing any moment, like pens, pencils, panties, knitting needles, socks, measuring tapes, toothbrushes and the like.

While Morgan likes natural things (plants, dried flowers, etc.), Isis much prefers people things. She’s the dangerous yarn and string muncher and has yet to be broken of the terrible habit of pulling plastic pushpins off the cork board (her favorite claw-sharpening surface) and carrying them around the house in her mouth.

And while Morgan and Emma resist being picked up and cuddled (not that they won’t seat themselves on a warm lap, mind you), Isis can be picked up, cradled on her back, and even carried into bed. She loves to lie under the covers, curled up against me, kneading her big paws and purring until we both fall asleep.

Fine, I’ll pose for the camera. Just a few more, though…

Ahem! Bored now…

This is Isis’ idea of hiding. It’s even better when she does it behind the shower curtain, which is about 12 inches off the floor.

Morgan is a bit more stealthy.

I didn’t want you to miss her “V” for “Victory.” She also has a little white locket on her chest and one ridiculously long white whisker. (Just for luck, I suppose.)

Here she is last May. She was rather small.

Now, nine months later, she is big.

But she will always be Batman-Killer Cat to me.


Anonymous said...

Awwww.. makes me miss my black cat Shadow! I love all of the toes.. she looks like she has mittens.
(having trouble signing into blogger)

Obsidian Kitten said...

okay, this new blogger thing has me SOOOO annoyed. it tricked me into changing over and now i guess google owns my a$$.


it's slow and it's annoying and i hate hate hate it.


sry bout that. i had no intentions of going new bloggy but i was ensnared.

stoopid blogger. stoopid google. stoopid interweb infernal machine contraptions...

*stomp stomp stomp*

Gattina said...

It's strange, not only you copied my Lisa with your Emma, but now you pull out of me old souvenirs ! My first cat Piccola who lived with me for 20 years and shared all important steps in my life, looked exactly like your Isis ! Also this surprised look just like an owl ! Piccola was an amazing cat, she went with me everywhere, shopping, visiting friends, walking and she liked driving in a car. You gave me an idea ! I should pay a tribute to her on my blog. Useless to say that as usual I enjoy very much your posts, that makes me laugh even when it is so early in the morning !

He, he didn't realize that you had been "raped" too to switch over to the new Bloggergoogle ! I don't see any difference.

Chris said...

Oh, she reminds me a lot of May!! Well, ok, May doesn't have thumbs or a white whisker and hates to be carried, but she has a locket and a V and loves to carry things around. Isis is a lovely young lady!

FelineFrisky said...

Isis is beautiful! she snuggles, how delightful! I have 3 babies and they love to sleep on the bed together. My snuggler is Punkin. Thanks for the pictures! D :)

jessecoug said...

Awww, Batman Killer. All 4 of mine are black, adopted at different times, so black cats hold a special place for me!

meeyauw said...

That is one gorgeous kitty! And what antics: carrying pins about in her mouth! Whew. She is so pretty!

KJ said...

AW FER THE LUV...Isis killing Batman with the open mouth sqwauk is priceless!


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