Project Spectrum 2.0

I was so envious of all of you participating in last year's Project Spectrum that I decided to jump in and join this year's PS 2.0.

February and March offer blue, white, and grey--nice winter colors, it seems to me.

And considering I have a whole heap of grey and white llama fleece (ok, with a little brown mixed in), plus a bag of Thorn's white lambswool, not to mention some other lovely fibers from my fantabulous SP, maybe it'll inspire me to get spinning again.

Graty at shearing time last spring

I began carding some of Graty's fleece with angora last fall.

Thorn at six weeks

Now for the blue...hm...now there's a spectrum in itself...

....from pale winter sky to the shadows enfolded in freshly-fallen snow...


Chris said...

White, blue, and grey are pretty perfect winter colors, aren't they??

Gattina said...

("sad sigh") Where is MY little Pepper ?? You dared to put a picture of another Llama, I am sooo disappointed ! Since I assisted to his birth I feel like a kind of godmother to him !
BTW the vet results for Arthur are on my cat blog today !

pinsandneedles said...

The llamas are so cute! I have to show the pictures to a friend.

sunneshine said...

Love the barn picture, so peaceful and pretty...(the animals are pretty in a different way, too!) I am home watching it snow, photographing coats and making spicy roast pears with stuffed pork chops for dinner. Hope you are having a great day!!