Okay, as you probably noticed, Blogger tricked me into "upgrading" (harrumph) to the "New Blogger." I DID NOT want to do this, partly because I'm in the process of moving myself to DreamHost, and partly because I didn't want to register with Google.

Now, unbeknownst to me and without warning, anyone who isn't registered with Google has to have their comments "moderated" by poor ol' Ms. O'Kitten before they get posted. For this I apologize deeply. As soon as I get them I promise I WILL post them so don't stop commenting just because of stoopid GloogleBooger! (Or if it's too much of a pain, I don't blame you, just please don't stop visiting O'Kitten because she got swindled by Bloogle.)

I'm extremely aggraavated. Now I must whine and moan and garrumph for a moment or two.

Complaint 1: I'm very annoyed about Blooger closing its ranks against anyone not registed with Google. I'm sure they made a whole load of money, and I do appreciate free service without advertising (well, except for lots of advertising for Google). But still. I'm mad.

Complaint 2: Exactly as I'd feared, I have received email spam since I registered with Google (it requires your email address) -- at an address that was, to this point, entirely spam-free.

Complaint 3: I want anyone who wants to comment at ObsidianKitten to be able to do so, and I'm really annoyed that non-GloogleBloggerites are now required to have their comments "moderated." And even more irritated that no one told me that would be the case before I was tricked into switching to the new Blogger.

Complaint 4: I was tricked into switching to the new Blogger, as it became increasingly difficult to log into old Blogger.

So very soon you guys will find me at DreamHost...wish me luck, right now I'm just trying to figure out how to set up all the WordPress stuff on my Mac. Woo-hoo!


Lana said...

Actually, with the new google/blogger I could not post comments on blogs that had not switched. It would not let me. That is why I have not commented here in a good while. It was being pissy with me.

Let me know when you move blog-house. I will change my link/rss feed to there.

HUGS! :-) Oh, I love your cat day posts, by the way.

Gattina said...

I don't know what happens with you. I always found a way to comment instead of insisting I just took "other" and then there is no problem. And your comment moderation is on ! It's even written here just below.

"Comment moderation has been enabled. All comments must be approved by the blog author."

You must check your settings carefully !
I love that name BloogleGlogger and will name it so from now on ! I always said Bloggergoogle. I haven't seen any difference between Bloogle and Glogger even my side bar is hanging down again !

Chris said...

UGH!! So, I know there's a tool in WordPress to import blogger posts - but does it do the "new" blogger?? Also, don't delete your blogger blog until you run a the blogger image import plugin, because the WP tool just does posts, not images.

And if I was doing it again, I would leave a placeholder at my blogger blog instead of deleting it - it was snatched up by some weird site after I gave up the name...

rosalynn said...

good luck setting up wordpress... and if you need any help, let me know :)

Joanie said...

Life with computers. Just when all is going well and everything is running smoothly they either want you to upgrade or you switch to another carrier. Of course, after you do there are always problems to be worked out.

Don't they know the saying" If it's not broken don't fix it.

Good luck...

Spyderkl said...

I use WordPress for another blog, and I love it so far. In fact, the only real problems I had upgrading this time were all the fault of my box, and not the program.

Good luck - I think you'll like it a *lot* more.

Blogger said...

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