My Let-It-Snow Day

Well I’ll be darned if we didn’t get an inch of snow at last.

I finally figured out how to use my new camera (yes, it is very much like the old one: point, click...but come on, it’s NEW) and it takes such nice close-ups that I can finally show you the fantastic stitch holders my Extra-Super Secret Pal Severina made me:

Here’s the rest of the package (um, I wore the socks already...and oh yeah, I dipped into those lovely little tins of cuticle cream and hand salve, too):

Another Surprise Package

This one from my aunt and cousin (the ones who raise the Merino-Rambouillet sheep I’m always raving about). They took a felting class and made this beautiful bowl. I hope the pretty heathery color comes through on screen as lovely as it really is--it has both a beautiful color and a great texture.

Plus, they sent some very nice soaps (I’m a complete sucker for nice soaps) and a box of mulling spices. So cool!

My aunt is actually the one who knit this warm and handsome poncho that I adore so much (you may remember me posting this awhile back). I won't tell you when she made it for my mom, but neither my mom, my aunt, nor this gorgeous poncho have aged a bit!

Progress Report

Here’s how the Braided Cable Scarf is coming along. I have about 30 inches (76 cm) here, and have used probably about half of my yarn.

Plus I got Janet Szabo’s Aran Sweater Design. I’m so excited!

Please stay tuned for Cats on Tuesday...


Obsidian Kitten said...

hmmm...you rly can't see the cables so well in the pics I took, but they do show up pretty well on that blackberry yarn. trust me--it's all the camera's fault.

Anonymous said...

I think your cables look great - you just have to tilt the screen a little :) So glad you are getting some snow - we are supposed to have another huge storm coming in late this week - maybe it will just hit you instead!
Got the knitty article, tried to e ya, but it doesn't wanna land in your box. So, thanks - loved the article! Maybe more on that later....
Oh, and really looking forward to the aran sweater - I am starting an aran shawl that I have wanted to do forever, but have been too scared - time to jump in!
Off to organize my stash - have a great monday!

Chris said...

New cameras are fun!! I love the Burt's cuticle cream.